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LCD TV Troubleshooting 

Liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions use LCD technology to produce images in TV sets. These occupy less space than the conventional Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) of equivalent sizes, being thinner and lighter. As manufacturing costs reduced, it became more practical to produce larger television receivers than was possible earlier making an industry breakthrough. Currently LCD TVs are the largest selling type of television displays on the market. Even though LCD TVs are more commonly bought than CRTs, there can still be issues that arise. Read on to see how Experts provide information on LCD TVs and provide solutions to common problems which users face.

What could cause a 42” Philips TV set to stop working and only makes clicking sounds when turned on? 

A clicking sound can indicate that it is shorting internally because of which the set cannot power up. Chances are that the power board of the TV has failed. It is not uncommon for capacitors on the board to fail because of a power surge. Often, this is visibly evident when the capacitors bulge or leak through the top or base. 

These power capacitors which are on the board can be replaced by a technician. If the power board itself needs to be replaced the cost will run to between $350 and $450. This TV set would need a more detailed testing to repair it.

How can an individual troubleshoot a 32” Westinghouse that is not powering up when the input power supply is fine?

Using a Multimeter, the individual will need to read the voltage of the incoming power while the state button is pressed. The point to check is at a pin on the power board connector. Expect a reading of between 3Volts and 5Volts when the power button is pressed. This input voltage should activate all the other switches. It looks like there is a defect in the main board because of which it is not powering up on command. The part to look for on this set is: 55.70F01.E01G; however replacements are hard to come by. If the power is coming from the source but the power board is not delivering any output voltage the power board might have to be replaced. The part number is: 56.0473.011. 

Could a cracked LCD TV screen be repaired?

If the crack has gone through the protective screen and reached the actual LCD panel, no repair is possible and it will have to be replaced. A replacement is more likely cheaper and a practical alternative.

Why would a 46” LCD TV has a pink line running down the left side of the screen and how can it be repaired?

This is typically because of a poor solder connection where the screen attaches to the chassis of the set. Another possible cause could be with the socket of the cable which connects the screen with the chassis. Chances are the wires from the TV leading to the chassis might have to be re-soldered to make sure the connections are good. 

If re-soldering does not help, the display itself might be defective. In most cases, this is beyond repair and a preferable alternative is to buy a replacement.

What could cause a Samsung LCD TV make a noise which increases when being turned on and off?

Actually, this is not an LCD TV but a DLP. These TVs contain a color wheel which rotates at a high speed, typically in excess of 9000 rpm (revolutions per minute). The key is to find out whether the noise is from the color wheel or the fan. One way to do this is to check if the sound continues after TV is turned off. The fan is designed to continue running when the TV is turned off so this could be a clue. In this case, it does sound like a bad fan where the bearings could have got clogged. 

LCD TV sets are in the main remarkably inefficient because much of the lighting produced does not reach the viewer. In an LCD system the backlighting has to be very powerful indeed. So LCD TVs are not power-savers. Manufacturers have tried to address this issue with a process called ‘dynamic lighting’. Research is going on for materials which can route light such that as much as possible of the optical signal is usable. For more information on LCD TVs and for solutions to their problems individuals can contact an Expert.

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