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Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

What is laryngeal paralysis in dogs?

Laryngeal paralysis in dogs is known as a condition that often has an influence on the muscles that are accountable for controlling the aretynoid cartilages of the voice box (larynx). Often when dogs are diagnosed with this condition, this may cause many different problems associated with the respiratory system and even a changed voice. In some cases, laryngeal paralysis is more known to be found in larger dogs instead of medium and small breeds; as well as affecting dogs who are in their middle age, or older. Laryngeal paralysis may cause many different other health issues such as cancer, general neuropathies and even hypothyroidism. For more information pertaining to the symptoms and treatments read below to find Expert answers.

What are the laryngeal paralysis symptoms?

A dog that has been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis may show symptoms of a voice change, coughing, gagging while eating or not being able to exercise. Some dogs may experience problems with breathing or even problems with fainting. In some severe cases of laryngeal paralysis, this condition may need medical treatment immediately.

What is an effective laryngeal paralysis treatment?

In some situations of laryngeal paralysis a dog may not be medical or even surgical treatment. However, some cases just simply keeping the dogs weight healthy, slowing down activity levels and keeping the dog from situations where the dog may be in higher temperatures may be enough treatment. In the case where a dog has a moderate condition of laryngeal paralysis, then some sedatives may be needed. In other cases where there is a severe case of this condition, a dog may need surgical treatment once the dog has been stabilized. This procedure is known as aretynoid lateralization (laryngeal tieback).

If a dog recently had a laryngeal paralysis tie back and will not eat anything but hamburger meatballs, what can be done?

In some cases when an individual is unable to get the do to eat dog food, the individual may be able to try combining some dog food with the human food. In this case, the individual may try ¼ of dog food and ¾ of human food. When the dog begins to eat better the individual may change the mixture to ½ and ½. Also, the individual may try giving the dog canned dog food with a little bit of chicken broth so that the dog is also getting liquids.

Can an e-collar cause laryngeal paralysis in dogs?

In many situations it may be uncommon for an e-collar to cause laryngeal paralysis in dogs. E-collars should not cause too much pressure on the pharynx in order to damage the nerves. Pressure to the pharynx is what causes laryngeal paralysis.

Laryngeal paralysis may be a common but still rare condition that may occur in some larger dogs by the pressure that is forced on the larynx and pharynx. In some cases, individuals may be unaware of this condition as well as the symptoms and treatments. When a dog has been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis it may be recommended for the dog to be seen by a vet as soon as possible so the correct and effective treatments may be started. For more information pertaining to laryngeal paralysis in dogs, individuals may contact an Expert.
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