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Larceny Questions

What is larceny?

When a person acquires personal property of another person in a wrongful manner, this is considered larceny. The offense of larceny came into being under the common law of England and became an offense in the jurisdictions that incorporated the common laws that England set forth, as their own. Larceny can be a serious crime, for more information on the punishments and laws dealing with petit and grand larceny contact the Experts.

In the state of Michigan, if a person is arrested for larceny and is issued a $10,000 bond but does not have the money to pay the bondsman, can a judge release the person on a personal bond?

In the state of Michigan, a person can be released on a personal bond, but the judge is the one who will decide this. Factors will be considered like, facts of the case and the charges the person faces. The personal bond is when a defendant is released with the promise that he/she will show up to court or pay a fine to the court if he/she doesn’t make the court date.

Will a class A misdemeanor petty larceny with controlled substance 7th degree go against a person’s nurses license?

In most cases, yes it can. If it is the nurse’s first offense, then the individual may be able to inquire about a diversion program, which would allow the charges to be dismissed. The nurse would need to consult and retain a criminal defense attorney to look into the case to see if the individual has any kind of defense to the charges. With the person being a nurse and charged with a controlled substance, many might look at this as an inability to perform the job that the nurse performs.

What is the statute of limitations for a warrant that was issued for larceny?

Once a warrant is issued on a charge, the statute of limitations stops until the person is arrested on the warrant. In most cases, it would be best for the person to turn himself/herself into the cops and get the situation taken care of. The person may need to hire an attorney to help negotiate the surrender and negotiate the jail time and bail if those apply.

In the state of New York, what is petit larceny and is it considered a class A misdemeanor?

In the state of New York, petit larceny is also known as petty larceny, and is the theft of property with a value of less than $1000 whereas grand larceny is the theft of property valued at greater than $1000. The state of New York considers petit larceny a class A misdemeanor that can carry a punishment of up to 1 year in jail, court costs, fines, restitution, or probation. If the person has a good attorney, he/she may be able to get the charges reduced to a lesser charge.

When a person is charged with larceny, he/she may be confused as to the steps that will be taken in court, what effects that the charges have on his/her life, as well as many other issues that may arise. Consulting an Expert to gain answers may help the person deal with any questions or concerns that the person may have.
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