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Laparoscopy Procedure

What is the Laparoscopy definition?

A laparoscopy is a procedure that allows doctors to view the abdominal organs or the female pelvic organs. This type of procedure is normally performed using thin, lighted tubes. These tubes are inserted into the abdomen through incisions to find cysts, adhesions, fibroids and infections. A laparoscopy can be performed more often instead of a laparotomy. For minor surgeries, a laparoscopy can be less stressful, cause fewer issues and be less expensive. When someone needs a laparoscopy procedure done, questions can arise about the side effects or complications. Read below for commonly asked questions that have been answered by Experts.

What could cause the legs to go numb following a Laparoscopy for endometriosis?

The numbness in the legs following a laparoscopy can be caused by side effects of the anesthetic agents. Numbness could also be caused by a nerve that was compressed while in the stirrups. Normal sensations should return without any treatment. The treatments that can help the feeling return to normal can include:
• Massaging warm body oil into the legs.
• Alternating hot and cold compresses to the area. Place a hot towel on the area for a short period of time and then replace it with an ice pack. This can help relieve any pain and could slowly cure a pinched nerve.
• Taking multivitamins such as zinc, folic acid and chromium.
• A high nutrient diet that excludes starch.

If the numbness is still present, a consultation with a doctor is often needed. The doctor can determine that an x-ray of the lumbar spine is needed to find out if there is a pinched nerve in the lower back.

Would a doctor be able to see the mesenteric artery during a Laparoscopy?

Even though most of the abdominal organs are visible during a laparoscopy procedure, it is difficult to see the mesenteric arteries. The reason it could be difficult is because these arteries are in the center of the fatty deposits and soft tissues. The arteries can be visible if they are enlarged. However, the artery may not be visible if the change is from carrying extra blood from the narrowing of another artery.

Would diarrhea be a Laparoscopy side effect?

After a laparoscopy is done, abnormal bowel movements can be normal. Several different medications are often used that can interfere with a person’s bowel movements. These medications can irritate the intestines and could even cause constipation or diarrhea. Some doctors can prescribe stool softener medications after the procedure. There can be times when these medications will cause diarrhea. In the case the side effects become bothersome talking to a doctor could be advised.

What could cause recurrent spotting following a Laparoscopy?

Often, there is no cause for concern as long as the pain has not increased and there is no heavy bleeding. The recurrence of spotting following a laparoscopy procedure can be normal. Someone can perform non-strenuous exercises and stretching. By performing these exercises or stretching, someone could experience less pain and have an easier recovery. Often, just by doing this, the healing process is not increased, the healing time still remains at six weeks. During this time, someone can continue with mild to moderate activity. Some soreness and fatigue can occur, but when doing over exertion this can cause poor healing and could cause the internal wounds to break open. This type of procedure allows a doctor to view the abdominal organs without having to create a large incision. Recurrent spotting can however occur after laparoscopy. When someone is in need of this procedure, questions can arise about the common complications and side effects. For more information individuals can contact an Expert.
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