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Lap Band Surgery Related Questions

Do you want to know the side effects of lap band surgery? Or, can one follow a relaxed diet after a lap band procedure? A ‘lap band’ is essentially an adjustable silicone band which is placed around the top portion of the stomach through a laparoscopic surgical procedure. It is essentially a surgery which reduces the size of the stomach pouch and thereby restricts food intake. With any surgical procedure, there are bound to be inherent risks, success, failure, complications or questions that arise which can be answered by bariatric Experts online. Read below where Experts have answered a few questions related to lap band surgery.

What causes extreme fatigue after a lap-banding procedure?

In a lap band surgery, a band is placed across the top of the stomach which creates a high-pressure restriction. This prevents food from passing through too quickly to the rest of the stomach leading to the stomach above the band and the esophagus stretching out. The process is called concentric pouch dilatation with mega-esophagus and can occur with some band patients after months or years after surgery. The initial treatment for this is to remove the fluid from the band, consequently releasing the pressure on the esophagus. The majority of the time, most patients have the band removed and converted to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass, resulting in less pressure on the esophagus. Ignoring this problem eventually leads to aspiration pneumonia or a ruptured esophagus. 

Can one follow a relaxed diet after a lap band surgery?

Although a lap band surgery can reduce the patient’s appetite and force them to eat less food, in significantly smaller amounts, it does not imply that anything can be eaten without moderation. One should be sensible and use common sense regarding their diet. Some people tend to gain weight after a lap band surgery because of the type of food consumed. It is wise to eat whole grain, fruits and vegetables as small meals, five times a day rather than thrice. This prevents one from getting too hungry. One should avoid potatoes, desserts, and liquid calories such as milk, juice, soda and alcohol. Cheese should also be avoided if it is not fat-free or contains reduced fat.

What causes excessive burping after a lap band surgery and how to reduce it?

The band, when properly inflated is able to prevent the patients from burping but when this band gets deflated, it becomes loose and behaves similar to a valve above the stomach. When this band or valve releases air, a burp is released. To prevent this from occurring one should avoid swallowing air while drinking or eating. A technique which helps patients while swallowing food or while drinking is breathing out through the nose as this prevents air from being swallowed. Eating once every 2-3 hours is also helpful because it can stop one from binge eating when they get very hungry. Usually, if a person does not eat a meal for six hours or more, they tend to take bigger bites as well as swallow more air. This is the reason why lap band patients are advised not to drink using a straw or drink carbonated beverages as both promote swallowing of excess air.

What is the reason that lap band surgery/method is being used less frequently?

Lap band usage has fallen over the past couple of years primarily due to the high explant rate. Approximately 30% of the lap band patients need to have the band removed within five years. The common reasons behind for this is poor weight loss, esophageal stretching, and the band slipping. 
Usually, weight loss results and patient satisfaction is relatively better with the sleeve surgery.

Is it safe to consider getting lap band surgery done in Mexico?

It may not be safe to have the lap band surgery done in Mexico, this is because the options available for surgeons and infection rates are not as well controlled or managed as it would be in the United States.  If any complications were to arise, there would be no recourse to sue the doctors in Mexico. 

Would an insurance company cover a lap band surgery if bariatrics is specifically excluded from the policy?

If the insurance company specifically excludes bariatric surgery, lap band surgery is most likely to be excluded as well. It would be a good idea to check insurance on all patients who inquire about surgery. The local bariatric surgeon can be contacted to check with them about a seminar and about the specific benefits available to an individual.

The above article provides an overview about lap band surgery and some of the questions and problems people have experienced. However, each person reacts and copes with surgery differently which is why it is important to understand one’s unique situation through the eyes and experience of qualified bariatric Experts online. To ask your specific questions and get customized answers about lap band surgery, Experts online are available. They provide medical expertise and opinions in a timely and affordable manner, from the comfort of your home. 

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