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Landscaping Questions

How does one charge for landscaping projects especially when just entering the profession? What can a homeowner do when faced with a landscaping repair problem? What species of grass will do well in a warm environment? What pitfalls to avoid when landscaping an area?

These are some typical landscaping questions put to Experts. Read on to learn more about similar questions and how Experts provide solutions.

What is the easiest way of getting pine needles out of brick landscaping material and landscaping rock?

This is a very tough problem in many areas and difficult to tackle. Rake heads which are designed for this purpose are not very effective. The easiest solution is to blow them away with a leaf blower on a low setting. Some people take the rocks out, wash and return them, but this would not be practical if the quantity is high. A leaf blower is the best solution there is.

What variety of grass would do well in Las Vegas, NV?

Buffalo grass is an ideal choice for warm conditions and it needs less irrigation. Once established it provides good ground cover but one has to learn its growth characteristics.

What landscaping mistakes should one avoid when building a creek, backyard pond or waterfall?

A very common mistake is to make the feature too large for the available space. Don’t make the drop too high because the higher the drop the more the water needed to camouflage the liner. Also ensure the feature faces the back yard and not the house.

How to find landscaping rates to charge in Los Angeles, CA by a new C-27 insured, licensed contractor?

Do some market research and in the initial stages stick with the market rate. This way a newcomer can be certain of not out pricing himself. A good way of researching the market is to work the phone to find out the going rates. For more information, visit the InsightDirect.com website.

When landscaping how can a lawn be started on a sloped area which has eroded and is bare of topsoil?

Good quality loam will need to be spread above the existing subsoil to a depth of at least 6”. Since the area is sloped and this is a fresh start, sod is preferable because it will hold better.

How can the grass on a lawn, which was covered with tarp for a day and a half, be salvaged because the tips have become brown?

If the grass was covered for a day and a half the roots should still be good. Pull out a tuft to check some roots. If they are good then with regular, liberal watering the leaves will turn green again. Do not cut the grass till it has grown back. If there are brown patches where the roots have died those sections will need to be replaced.

What action can a homeowner take against a landscaper who has just done a shoddy job for $2000?

The best way out is to file a claim against the landscaper in the small claims court which will probably cost about $50. Take a few photos and attach them with the claim. Some friends/neighbors should be prepared to testify for you and will need to make detailed notes. It might be an idea to call him first and advise him of the line of action you propose. If he knows you plan to go to court in all probability he will rectify what he has done.

A beautifully landscaped area adds value to a property. Landscaping however presents a host of challenges because to be effective it has to be done around the existing features in a property. When faced with a landscaping problem the best solution is to ask an Expert.

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