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Landlord Rights’ Questions

Landlord-tenant law in the United States helps to regulate the laws that govern the relationships between a landlord and tenant. This includes defining what a landlord’s rights over a property are, what he or she can expect of his or her tenants, and what measures he or she can take to legally evict them.

Listed below are a few questions on landlord rights related issues.

My tenants moved out of my property, created a filthy mess, and left a lot of their stuff behind on my property. As a landlord, do I have the right to get rid of all their belongings?

If you have their last known address, you could mail them a "Notice to Reclaim or Forfeit Abandoned Personal Property" and also post a copy of it on your property.

Make sure the notice contains the following information:
  1. 1. Description of the property.
  2. 2. A ten-day notice to make arrangements for removal of the property.
  3. 3. Statement noting that the property “will be disposed of” after the ten-day notice period.

Once this deadline is passed, you should be able to dispose of the personal property.

What landlord rights do I have to legally evict a tenant who I have been renting to without a lease?

To evict your tenant, you would need to serve him/her a 30 day notice and then begin an eviction action in housing court. To ensure everything moves smoothly, you could hire a local landlord tenant counsel to handle the case.

As a landlord in Ohio, do I have the legal right to set up security cameras in a residential building in the parking lot, in common areas, and outside empty units for the purpose of checking the weather?

You are allowed to install surveillance cameras in common areas and outdoors of residential complexes as long as they do not look into the windows and doors of tenants and cause an invasion of their privacy.

If a tenant stays in an apartment in New York, what are the landlord’s rights with regard to showing that apartment to prospective buyers?

Based on the New York State Public Service Law Section 228, a tenant has a right to privacy but a landlord may enter a tenant’s apartment with reasonable prior notice and at a reasonable time: (a) to conduct necessary and/or agreed upon repairs or services; (b) as per the lease; or (c) to show the apartment to prospective buyers or tenants. In an emergency, such as a fire, the landlord is allowed to enter the apartment without tenant consent. A landlord may not abuse this limited right of entry or use it to harass a tenant.

A 24-hour notice would be sufficient. You could also make sure that the apartment is being shown at a reasonable time, which generally means during regular business hours and not too late or too early in the morning.

Do a landlord’s rights extend to the city property in front of his own property?

With respect to the city property, the landlord would have the same rights as any other individual who is subject to state laws and ordinances unless he has a kind of easement in the city property.

As a landlord, understanding what your rights over your property are is very important to avoid misunderstandings with your tenants later on.
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