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Labor Law Questions

Many times anyone that has worked for anyone else has probably had a general labor law question at some point or another. Many of the legal questions that come up range from what is a labor law, what are federal labor laws as well as do labor and employment laws differ. When faced with questions like these people ask the Experts for insights and solutions for their problems. Listed below are five of the top Labor Law questions that have been answered by the Experts.

What is Labor Law?

Labor Law conceals the connection with the groups of workers, structured as coming together, and companies. Union demonstration permits workers to compromise with companies for human rights and profit in a group. As Labor Laws allow workers the right to unionize and to take part in actions such as protesting and striking, they permit companies to protect themselves by looking for restrictions or creating a lockout.

If an individual was just recently laid off from Business Development position with a contract stating they get a certain percentage of new deals. The company asked the individual to sign a memo stating they will pay them the amount via expenses so that the individual won’t be taxed along with other things including 1 week severance pay. What legal recourse does the individual have to get the money that is owed?

The individual might have a lawsuit for breach of agreement. In order to continue with it the individual will need to file a lawsuit against their employer in small claims court. The individual can do this without a lawyer.

In the state of Georgia, is it legal to fire someone or force them to retire when a specific age is reached? Can the employer force them to change positions in their employment due to the employee’s age?

In most cases this would be age discrimination. All of those events can be an infringement of the Georgia State Discrimination laws and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws. If that is the situation, then the individual can file a lawsuit, by going on the EEOC website in the state of Georgia. Here is helpful site www.eeoc.gov/atlanta/index.html

What is the New York labor law regarding lunch breaks for hourly employees?

In New York, the labor law states that the employer must provide you with a 30 minute meal period. The employer has to give you the lunch break, but they could allow you to work through it but there would have to be something from you in writing so they do not get in trouble for not giving you the required break. But the employer does not have to agree to allow you to skip lunch; they can require you to take it.

In the state of Utah, if an employee provides their employer with three weeks’ notice that they will be resigning their salaried Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): exempt position, and the employer terminates their employment prior to that date, is the employer still required to pay the employee accumulated time off and carried over paid time off (PTO)?

The employee could contact the Utah Labor Commission if the employer does not pay them for their accumulated but unused benefits such as vacation or PTO. If the employer allows the employee to carry over unused PTO, any accrued days should be included in their final paycheck through the date they last worked.

Labor Laws is a very diverse topic. It can span one question after another. There are additional questions that could come up. Such as: federal labor laws, labor and employment law, and labor law issues. If you or someone you know maybe facing labor law questions, contact an Expert. Experts can help with any question fast and effectively.
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