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Dental Lab Procedures

There are often times misconceptions of what can be accomplished in a dental office versus what must be done in a dental lab. Dental lab technicians are trained in the proper dental lab procedures to give the best results. Uncertainties on if a dental lab can replace veneers or if a dental lab can adjust dentures often lead to questions like the ones answered below by Experts.

Can someone whiten veneers or does the veneers need to be replaced by a dental lab?

In many cases, veneer whitening cannot be done. Once a color selection is made for a veneer it is permanent. The color cannot be changed. Replacement will be your only option if you are not satisfied by the color result. There are many factors which could aid in a mismatch of color to your teeth. The lighting in which the color was chosen as a match may not have been optimal, moisture content of your teeth when the color was chosen, or there could have been a dental lab error.

You can return to your dentist and voice your concerns of the color. If the veneers are going to be redone, you might find it helpful to go to the dental lab so that the dental lab technician can select the proper color.

Is there anything a dentist/orthodontist could do to fit a mouth guard?

A dentist and/or orthodontist can customize mouth guards. The dentist/orthodontist would fit the individual by taking a mold of the teeth and making a plaster cast from the mold. They would then send the cast off to the dental lab where the customization occurs. The customized mouth guard will allow for a much better fit than a store bought mouth guard.

Is there an adhesive product that I can use to reattach a tooth to a dental partial plate?

There are over the counter adhesives that are better than most but it would be a temporary fix. For a temporary fix use a two part epoxy but make sure the tooth fits exactly in place and you remove any excess adhesive.

Dental labs can repair this type of issue in a few hours. They use an acrylic powder and liquid to fuse the tooth onto the partial frame and then heat cure it. Some dentists require you to come into the office and they then send it to the dental lab for the fix or can fix it themselves. Other dentists may send their patients directly to the dental lab in an emergency for repair.

What should an individual try if they want to glue a small chip from their partial bridge on their front teeth?

Gluing the chip back in place will more than likely not be fully successful or visual appealing no matter what adhesive you use. It is extremely difficult to glue broken porcelain. If you were successful in gluing the chip back on you would be left with a very noticeable repair. If you are going for a seamless repair then your best bet would be having the bridge repaired by a dental lab. The dental lab would fire new porcelain on to the framework of your bridge; that is if you dentist can dislodge your bridge. If not then you may need to get a new bridge or just live with the one you have.

Does a dental lab readjust dentures for denture thickness or teeth that seem too low?

A dental lab can and does adjust dentures. The dental lab can thin out areas that may be too thick and they can also fix the teeth so that they are not too low. Dental labs can also adjust dentures so that they are not rocking on the roof of the mouth. If you visit your dentist and share your concerns in detail they can send if off to the dental lab for the adjustments.

Being knowledgeable and having good insight of dental lab procedures can help when dealing with situations that involve dental labs. Experts can help answer if a dental lab can replace veneers or if dental labs can adjust dentures. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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