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What is a L2 visa?

An L2 visa is a visa document that is used to enter the US by the dependant’s spouse and minor unmarried children. The L1 qualified visa holder must already be in the US. The L2 visa is not a permanent visa, but it is valid for the duration of the spouse’s L1 visa. Read below where many Experts have answered the commonly asked questions by thousands of individuals pertaining to L2 Visa.

If a L2 visa holder’s L2 visa does not expire for a substantial time, but his/her EAD has expired, does he/she need to stop working while the EAD is being renewed?

Since a person is not suppose to work while their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is expired, then the answer would be that the person would need to go off payroll till his/her EAD is approved. If the person does work on the expired EAD, then his/her status can be violated. In most cases the person is told to apply for renewal of his/her EAD a few months prior to the expiration so that he/she doesn’t have to worry about a break in the status. The L2 visa does not matter in this case. The L2 visa only allows the person to enter the US.

Can a person file for their extension on a L2 visa along with a EAD status?

The person filing for the L2 visa can also file for EAD status as well. The person should fill out all other paperwork associated with these statuses as soon as possible and also file for the spouse citizenship.

Can a person that is on a L2 visa with their EAC about to run out work for free till his/her EAC is approved?

Since the Equivalent Annual Cost (EAC) is the same thing as the EAD document, a person is not allowed to work, whether it is for free or pay, when the EAD runs out. The person would need to renew the EAD/EAC as soon as they possibly can so that his/her work is not interrupted.

If a person was on a L2 visa then applied for a L1 visa change, stayed under the L2 visa status even though they had the L1 visa then left the country for a year, returned and filed for a green card, will all this affect the green card process?

When the person was out of the country for a long period of time they would be considered “out of status”. In most cases, when a person files for a green card the US generally only look to the information from the time the person entered the US the last time and when the person filed for the green card status, therefore the year most generally wouldn’t be looked at.

If a 18 year old dependant that holds a L2 visa get a work permit so that he/she may work?

A L2 holder can be permitted to work in the US. The person would need to get work authorization from the USCIS. The get the authorization the person would need to have the approval Form I-765, Employment Authorization.

A L2 visa permits dependants of L1 visa holders to be in the US. There may be many issues or concerns that may come up during the process of renewing, getting permission to work in the US, or just questions and concerns as to the process in which a person would need to go through. When the questions and concerns surface, the person would need to seek the advice of an Expert to answer any questions or concerns that he/she may have.

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