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Kyocera Cell Phone Problems

Kyocera cell phones require SIM cards from the service provider to operate on a GSM network. A micro SD card can’t be used to replace a SIM card.

If the Kyocera cell phone is on a CDMA network such as Sprint or Verizon, it doesn’t require a SIM card since it is built into the phone. However, the function of the phone is restricted to the area where its network is available and used. 
Use these Kyocera troubleshooting tips from Experts on JustAnswer to solve issues that may arise.

Incomplete Numbers on Outgoing Calls

The numbers displayed on the Kyocera cell phone aren’t call numbers, but could be numbers that were accidentally pressed. Even on flip phone models, it’s possible to press numbers any time the phone is pressed against the face. Accidental dialing can also occur when the phone is in your pocket or its case. It is also possible for them to show up on the call list after the keypad was used to access the menu or settings features.

Phone Randomly Turns On and Off

This is a signal issue. Local service provider towers could be down for maintenance, resulting in poor signal. Kyocera cell phone batteries have no influence on signal strength. Third party boosting devices are available from stores such as Radio Shack, Best Buy, or other electronics stores. However, these devices can be expensive. You may want to enquire with your provider about the status of their towers before installing the boosting device.

Recover Deleted Text Messages

Whether you can retrieve deleted text messages depends on whether the text messages are stored on the SIM card or on the phone itself. If the phone does not have a SIM card installed, it may not have the capability to run data recovery apps. If the phone does have a SIM card it should be possible to recover them.

Forgotten Lock Code

If you can’t remember your lock code, the only thing you can do is perform a factory reset on the phone. This action will erase all information from the phone and restore the Kyocera to its original condition. Use these steps: 

1. Turn the Kyocera phone off.
2. Press the “Volume Down”, “Camera” and “Power” buttons simultaneously.
3. Select the “Factory Reset” option using the volume button and press the “Power” key is used to confirm your choice. This completes the factory reset of the Kyocera cell phone.

Unlock Your Kyocera Cell Phone to Use with Other Networks

Kyocera cell phones are compatible with other networks. In order to switch your phone to another network, contact Metro PCS and request to deregister the phone. They will provide a code. After you unlock it, the Kyocera can be used on any network service, except for Verizon. If the phone has been in storage but is back in use now, Metro PCS may have automatically deregistered it. Once registration is complete with a new provider and a new SIM card is installed, the phone should work. If prompted for an “Unlock Code”, then Metro PCS may need to be contacted again to obtain the code. Input it for the phone to work. 

Experts on JustAnswer can help you handle questions and problems which can arise with your phone. For information on your particular troubleshooting issue, contact Technical Experts on JustAnswer. They can provide step by step information, updates and repair options to address cell phone problems.

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