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Kitchen Sink Problems

Kitchen sinks are used extensively in homes and restaurants. As a result, due to age and constant use, anyone using a kitchen sink is bound to encounter a few problems. These could be in the form of a clogged drain that occurs when leftover food goes down the drain pipe, a leaking sprayer that makes for unnecessary wastage of water or a leaking faucet that could be in the form of an irritating drip from the spout. Some of these problems can be sorted out with simple solutions while others need the help of a professional to fix them.

Listed below are a few questions encountered by many Experts on issues related to kitchen sinks.

My IKEA kitchen sink faucet is two years old and has started leaking from the middle when I turn the water on. How do I fix this?

It’s possible that the sink either has to be rebuilt or has an internal leak in which case you would need to replace the valve.

My kitchen sink faucet gives out water at a very low pressure. How can I remedy this?

Look behind the spray head of the pull out for a screen. All you need to do is get the hose out, take the head off in a counter clockwise manner and get the screen cleaned. It’s probably full of sediment. Once you do this, the pressure should be better.

My new double kitchen sink seems to have poor drainage and when I use a lot of water, one sink starts to back up into the other. Despite having taken both drainage pipes apart and not finding a blockage, the problem continues. What can I do?

It’s possible that the blockage in the drain pipe is located further down. To check this, you would need to get an electric rodding machine to snake out the line since there could be a blockage due to grease buildup.

Every five years, the drain that is connected to my kitchen sink gets plugged and needs to get routed out. This plug tends to build up about 5-10 feet into the near-horizontal run of 2" PVC that runs from the drain pipe to the sink. What is a good drain treatment solution for this? Would muriatic acid work?

The acid should not damage the piping but it’s hazardous to health especially on the lungs if you breathe it in. Its better you get it rodded out this time. Thereafter, get an enzyme product such as

"BIO-clean" that will help you remove whatever buildup remains. After that, use it once a month to keep the drain safe from a grease buildup.

A clogged drain is a very common problem faced by anyone using a kitchen sink. To avoid this from happening, have a strainer in the sink to prevent large, solid pieces of food from going down the drain. Make sure that you don’t pour heavy liquids like grease down the drain either. If your sink comes with a garbage disposal, run water after the disposal to ensure that the food has flowed out of the pipes and into the sewer line. Also, pour boiling water down the sink every once in a while to break up any material that has built up over time. If the water starts draining at a slow speed, add a quarter cup of baking soda into the drain before you pour the boiling water. For more information and answers that deal with kitchen sick problems contact an Expert.

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