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Kidney Problems in Cats

What are kidney problems in cats and their symptoms?

Kidney problems in cats generally indicate that a cat has a disability in excreting waste byproducts into the urine. This disability can lead to a buildup in the bloodstream that is potentially toxic. Some kidney problems in cats may show up all of the sudden whereas chronic kidney disease in cats will display over a period of time.

The cause of kidney problems in cats is varied and can range from high blood pressure, infection, or trauma to exposure to toxins. There are symptoms or signs of kidney problems in cats that can alert a cat owner to take the cat to a veterinarian for examination. These kidney problems in cats’ symptoms include decrease in appetite or weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea, lethargy or depression, dehydration, ulcers in the mouth, or bad breath. Other signs that a cat may be experiencing kidney problems pain in the kidney area, unusual urination, or constipation.

Uncertainties of what treatment is available for cats with kidney problems or what food is good for a cat with kidney problems can often lead to questions much like those answered below by Experts.

What can be given such as milk for a cat with kidney failure, diabetes, and constipated?

Cow’s milk may be difficult for a cat to digest as an alternative canned pumpkin or fresh cantaloupe can be fed to a cat with kidney problems for constipation. If your cat will not eat these foods you can sprinkle Benefiber on canned cat food or dissolve it in the juice of canned tuna. The fiber can help with constipation.

Cats that have kidney issues can oftentimes become dehydrated. A counter measure to this is intravenous fluids given to the cat at the veterinarian’s office. This type of dehydration can also lead to constipation.

Is there a cat food for cats with kidney problems?

There are prescription cats foods designed for cats with kidney problems. A cat food for cats with kidney problems on the market is K/D as well as some others. These types of cat foods are shown to modify the protein level and in turn reduce the kidney’s workload.

What is a good type of food for cats with kidney problems?

When kidney problems in cats exist is will be important to ensure the cat is eating because oftentimes cats with kidney problems experience a loss of appetite. In most cases feed the cat anything it is willing to eat. It is not so important that the cat only eat a kidney diet. What will be important is that the cat is receiving fluid supplements as this is what will prolong the length of life and quality.

What is the treatment for kidney problems in cats?

Treatment for kidney problems in cats may vary from case to case a bit to prolong life but there is no treatment that will cure kidney disease in cats. Treatment will revolve around proper nutrition, medication, and regular checkups with a veterinarian.

Understanding how kidney problems in cats apply to your circumstances can be helpful when faced with concerns about kidney disease in cats. Experts can help answer questions about kidney disease in cats’ stages or kidney disease end stage concerns. Get the answers fast by asking an Expert today.
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