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Kidney Problems

The primary job of the kidneys is to filter toxins from the blood. These toxins are sent out of the body which is known as urine. Proper hydration can help the kidneys regulate electrolyte and help prevent blockages from occurring. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions about kidneys and kidney related problems.

What causes kidneys not to flush properly?

Many things can obstruct urine flow through the kidneys. Bubbles in the urine can be a sign of a protein blockage and this can lead to kidney issues. If the blockage is caused by a kidney stone it will have to be passed before deciding if surgery is needed. Kidney problems can lead to swelling in different parts of the body. A tumor or kidney stone can cause traces of blood in the urine, however most kidney problems do not. Kidney disease can also cause blood in urine. A CT (computed tomography) scan will help pinpoint the cause. A blood test is a good way to track high creatinine levels which can show kidney problems.

How is hematuria diagnosed?

Hematuria is often diagnosed through a cystoscopy and a CT scan of the bladder. The CT scan is normally used to rule out kidney stones or tumors in the urinary tract. If either are present this can cause blood in the urine. Test like the CT scan, cystoscopy and delayed image are normally needed to rule out or diagnose hematuria.

Can a nephrostomy make urine change colors?

Often it is normal for urine to go from clear to darker after getting a nephrostomy tube. This is often because of the kidneys becoming irritated during the tube insertion. Urine should return to its natural color within a few days. If for some reason it doesn’t, individuals should set up an appointment with the urologist. The urologist may order radiology to find out if there is a ruptured blood vessel in the kidney.

Can diabetes and high blood pressure cause kidney problems?

Diabetes has been known to cause failure to many organs, such as the kidneys. Nephrons are considered the main function of the kidneys. Their job is to separate the needed substances from water and sodium and filter out what is left. The excess is known as urine. Diabetes can thicken the Nephrons causing them to not work properly. High blood pressure adds to these functionality problems by damaging blood vessels which can cause problems urinating.

What signs show that kidney problems are resolving?

Kidney problems are often accompanied by symptoms such as problems urinating, swelling, weight gain and high creatinine levels. When kidney problems begin to clear up, swelling and weight can decrease, and the creatinine levels can drop. In order to help in the healing process, there are a few foods individuals should avoid such as coffee and tea, fruits or fruit juices. All these foods can lead to high potassium levels which can cause kidney failure.

When is a kidney stent necessary?

Kidney stents are only necessary if there is inflammation or something blocking the kidney from normal function. Urologists will often do a test known as a renal scan to see if the is a barrier in the ureter. If there is a barrier it may be necessary to use a stent to keep the ureter open.

How is saline used for kidney problems?

People with severe kidney problems often use catheters. A saline flush is normally used to help keep the tubes clean and allow the urine to pass from the body to the catheter without any problems.

There are many things that can cause kidney problems, from diabetes to kidney stones. What happens when someone experiences something like a kidney stone? When questions arise about kidneys or its problems, individuals can turn to the Experts for answers to these questions and many more.
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