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Questions about Kibble for Dogs

When deciding what dog food is best for you dog to eat can be a complex decision. Often, pet owners watch television commercials about the different types of dog foods. There are all natural foods with different flavors; however are these dog foods okay for certain dogs to consume? Choosing the right dog food for a dog can be the hardest decision a pet owner can make. Often individuals will run into questions about kibble dog food. Is kibble the best dog food to fed a dog? What is kibble for dogs? Read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding kibble for dogs.

What can an individual do if they have just changed their dog food to another kibble and now the down is vomiting?

In many situations where an individual has changed their pets’ dog food, this can cause an upset stomach. Individuals need to slowly wean their dog off of the normal food they are eating and slowly introduce their dog to the new food. However, to get rid of the stomach ache, the individual can give their dog ½ table of Pepcid AC 10 milligrams by mouth; this can be given every 12 hours. Also, the individual should steer away from any food or water for the next 6 hours and then introduce their dog to bland boiled chicken and rice. After 2 days of giving an individual’s dog chicken and rice, the individual can slowly start adding the old food back into the dogs’ diet.

How much kibble and canned puppy food should a 5 month 45 pound puppy get?

Often it is somewhat hard to get the correct amount if the individual is putting two different types of dog food together. If the puppy was only receiving kibble, the dog would need 1-1.25 cups every 12 hours. Now, if the dog was only getting canned puppy food, the puppy would need 1.25-1.5 cans every 12 hours. Now in the cause the individual is mixing the two together, the total amount should be the two amounts for the total daily requirements.

What can an individual do if their dog get into kibble dog food and ate way more than what the dog is used to and now is very bloated?

There are a couple things an individual can do to help food bloat:
1. Give antiacid such as Pepcid AC by mouth every 12 hours for about 3 to 5 days
2. Take the dog on many walks in order to help with stomach motility
3. Also, start giving the dog little amounts of bland diets, this can include boiled chicken and white rice.

What should an individual do if their 70 pound dog had ate 5 pounds of kibble and now is loose stool and has been trying to vomit?

However, this may seem uncommon to many individuals, but this happens more times than not. Often, there may not be any harm to a dog that has ingested this much kibble. However, the dog may appear to be sluggish because the dog feels awful because their stomach is so full, and this can cause pressure on other organs. However, since the dog is a healthy 70 pounds, the dog should be fine after awhile. The dog may continue to try and vomit since the dog appears to be very bloated and needs to relieve any pressure that is built up inside. Often when a dog overeats, the dogs begins to feel better after 24 hours have passed, this has given the dog enough time to digest the food. However, many dogs suffer no serious problems with over eating, there still is a chance that when dogs over eat the dogs stomach could have twisted because of the large intake. In order for this to be taken care of, the dog must be seen by a vet and x-rays be done.

Should a dog weighing 40 pounds be at any risk for consuming a piece of kibble that had just been sprayed with Cyermthrin?

In many cases, since the dog had only consumed one piece of kibble with cyermthrin the dog should not be at risk of any type of illness. These types of insecticides are believed to be more harmful in large amounts and more dangerous to cats than dogs. However, the individual should keep an eye of the dog in the case of any intestinal upset, trembling or even weakness. The chances of these symptoms are rare, but can occur. If these symptoms do occur, the individual should have their pet seen by a vet.

Kibble for dogs is a common dog food that is fed among many pets. However, pet owners often experience problems when feeding their dogs’ kibble. Often the dog may over eat and become bloated, or experience an allergic reaction to kibble. Experts can offer reliable answers and information pertaining to kibble for dogs.
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