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Keynote for Mac Problems

Need help opening a presentation using Keynote? Need help understanding what Keynote is? Keynote is a presentation software application that can be used to create stunning, dynamic presentations and interactive demonstrations such as portfolios and storyboards. The text and graphics can be easily animated along with cinematic transition between slides. Keynote is to Mac what Microsoft Powerpoint is to Windows. Keynote also has the feature to open Powerpoint documents and save Keynote documents as Powerpoint files. Users may encounter issues they will need immediate help on and knowing where to find reliable information is important. To know more about Keynote for Mac, below are some user questions answered by Experts.

How to convert a presentation from the Mac Keynote on the iPad 2 to a Powerpoint presentation and import it?

This can be done by opening iTunes with the iPad connected and showing in the left hand menu. Click on the iPad icon and then the “Apps” tab. Locate the file sharing option for Keynote and click on the “Keynote” and then the “Add” icon to add the desired presentation files to copy onto the iPad. Next the files should be selected and the prompts should be followed to synchronize the presentation to the iPad. It should be noted that since the Keynote is able to play a Powerpoint file, all that is required is selection of the Powerpoint file, syncing it to the iPad, opening the Keynote by opening iTunes. From the Keynote documents window, “Add” should be clicked and the PPS file can be selected to add it to the list to allow transfer to the iPad. Another option is to email the Powerpoint file to your email ID and open it on the iPad. While doing so, an option should be provided to open as a Keynote file. If this is done, it gets saved to the Keynote app and can be opened at any point in future.

Is it possible to obtain Keynote on Snow Leopard without upgrading to Snow Lion?

In order to purchase Keynote from the App store, a Mac OS X of at least Lion 10.7 is required. Additionally, there are two versions of Lion, 10.7 Snow Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion and currently upgrade to Mountain Lion is the only one available. If an old Mac such as a 2009 or earlier model is being used, upgrading to Mountain Lion can slow things down. However, it is possible to purchase iWork 2009 discs to obtain Keynote 09. Numbers 09 and Pages 09 are also obtained with the iWork 09 package.

How to retrieve a presentation which closed when Keynote shut down unexpectedly?

In case the Mac Keynote being used is a Mac running on a 10.7 or higher version, Keynote has the option which saves automatically. If it is running on older software you need to check once when the Keynote opens if there is a recovery screen. To find the recovery screen, click “Open” and choose “Recent”. If the document is not present the auto save feature may not be present on the iWork 09 or Keynote. If this is the case, it may not be possible to retrieve the current version which was lost unless a backup was present on the Time Machine or iCloud.

Is there a way to export a narrated Keynote presentation to Powerpoint through the Share feature while the narration remains intact?

The Keynote export to Powerpoint does not support audio narrative. Therefore, all that can be extracted is the file and picture slides. To tackle this, the Microsoft 2011 version for Mac should be purchased and their Powerpoint software used. This will allow the Keynote file to be opened with PPT and the audio to be recorded once more.

How to save a Keynote presentation so it can be re-opened using Microsoft Office?

Essentially Keynote information is saved with file extensions of “.key” while Powerpoint files have file extensions of “.ppt”. Though Powerpoint files can be opened directly through Keynote, Keynote files cannot be opened in Powerpoint. Therefore, in order to open and edit Keynote files in Powerpoint, users should convert Keynote files to Powerpoint format using Keynote’s “Export” feature. To do this, follow the steps below:
1. Open the Keynote file on the Mac
2. From “File”, select “Export”
3. To convert the Keynote file to Powerpoint, the "PPT" tab should be selected from the top of the window and press "Next". It should be named and saved in a location, such as the "Documents" folder, for the converted file and press "Export".

Keynote can provide many advantages and dynamic options to create and portray presentations. Listed above are a few Keynote questions. In order to know more about any particular Keynote problem or to get more Keynote information contacting Experts would prove useful.
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