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Ketoconazole for Dogs

What is Ketoconazole?

Ketoconazole is a medication that usually treats antifungal conditions; however, this medication can also treat Cushing’s disease and fungal infections. This medication is usually prescribed in 200 milligram tablets that are scored to help give the right dosage. The standard dose for Ketoconazole in dogs is 2.2-13 milligram for every pound the dog weighs; this can be given every 12 to 24 hours. Keep in mind the dosage and time frame depends on the disease that the dog is being treated for. For more information regarding Ketoconazole for dogs you can read below where the several Experts have answered many frequently asked questions.

Could a dog on 100 milligrams of Ketoconazole have liver problems?

Case Details: 19 pound dog with ear fungus taking .25 milligrams of Atopica 

In some cases, the Ketoconazole dosage that was prescribed is a lot higher than what is usually given to treat fungal infections that are located in the ears. The normal dosage for a dog that weighs 19 pounds would be around 50 milligrams; this is typically safer for the dog’s liver. With a dog that is taking a lower dose of Ketoconazole there have not be as many cases of liver disease. If this is an external ear infection and the dog is taking an oral medication it is possible that it won’t be as effective. External infections most likely need to be treated with a topical medicine in order to kill the fungus.

What can be done for a bulldog that has pink skin and itches constantly?

In some cases, bulldogs are known to have skin allergies; these allergies can become more complex with bacterial or fungal infections. However, these allergies can be caused by food allergies to environmental allergies. Most likely the dog needs to be seen by a dermatologist, so that skin scrapings and skin smears can be done. These tests can help rule out mites, and help determine if the dog has a fungal infection. Other tests that the dermatologist may run are several allergy tests, if there are allergies found there is a possibility an allergy shot can be given. This may be a long process; so in the meantime Ketoconazole is normally given to fight fungal infections. This usually takes around 30 days to take effect but it should help with the skin irritation.

Is it possibly that a dog on 200 milligrams of Ketoconazole once a day and 1 shot of prednisone could cause kidney issues

Case details: the prednisone was given 2 weeks ago.

In some cases, it may not be likely that a single dose of the prednisone given 2 weeks ago would have an effect of the dog’s kidneys. Now if the dog was on a high dose or on the prednisone for an extensive period of time then there would be a great possibility of kidney problems. As for the Ketoconazole, this medication is known more for having serious effects on the liver rather than the kidneys.

Is it possible that Ketoconazole would make a dog vomit and not be able to eat?

In some cases, it has not been found that Ketoconazole has caused vomiting; usually vomiting is caused by gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis, the lack of discretion in the diet. Most likely the best thing to for a dog that is vomiting is to fast the dog for around 24 hours; this will give the dog’s stomach time to settle down. If the dog goes the whole fast without vomiting then the next step is to try Pepcid AC .02 milligrams for every pound the dog weighs. Pepcid AC can usually be found over the counter. Also at this time the dog may also be able to hold down small amounts of water, if the dog can keep the water down then try a small amount of rice and boiled chicken in about equal portions. This may need to be done for 4 to 6 times a day, for several days. You can keep the dog on this diet for a few days then slowly wean the dog back to its normal food. Now, in the case the dog cannot keep anything down you may need to have the dog seen by a veterinarian.

When your dog is having allergic reaction, skin irritations this can make a person worry. Many owners do not know how to treat these symptoms, or that there are certain medications that can be a great help to these problems. Ketoconazole is one of the many medications that can help a dog recover from a skin disorder; it is usually known to fight on fungus that can cause a dog severe pain if not taken care of properly and right away. For more information pertaining Ketoconazole you can contact the thousands of Experts for fast and reliable answers.

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