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Kennel Cough Vaccine in Dogs

What is kennel cough vaccine in dogs?

Kennel cough vaccine is given to dogs in order to help prevent infections such as tracheobronchitis or bordetella which are both known as kennel cough. In many cases kennel cough is minor in many dogs; however there are always possibilities that a dog can develop this infection and can even become severe and cause life threatening risks to a dog and other dogs that come in contact with the infected dog. In order to prevent kennel cough or even help a case where a dog has kennel cough, pet owners should have their dog vaccinated every year with a kennel cough vaccine. When a dog is ready for their vaccinations for kennel cough, many individuals are not aware of the different vaccinations that are available. A kennel cough vaccine can be given to a dog either nasally or even through injection with other yearly vaccinations. Even though kennel cough vaccines are given to animals to prevent kennel cough, this vaccine may not be completely effective in preventing this infection. For more information about kennel cough vaccine in dogs, read below to find Expert answers.

What could cause a dog to cough, sneeze, and hack when running around?

It most likely sounds like maybe your dog has been in contact with another dog that may have given your dog an upper respiratory infection also known as kennel cough. This is very contagious and can spread very quickly between dogs. One of the best things that you can do for your dog is to keep the dog from barking and running, and it is probably best not to let the dog around any other dogs. This can be solved in around 7 to 10 days. You can try giving your dog Benadryl around every 12 hours for any nasal symptoms.

If a 17 pound dog was given the kennel cough vaccine through the nose, and the dog has started vomiting off and on, should the owner give the dog a pepto, or should the owner have their dog seen by a vet?

In many cases, if a dog begins to vomit after being given a kennel cough vaccine, the dog may be having a reaction. In many cases, when using Pepto, the results are not seen in dogs, however a better solution may be to give the dog Pepcid A/C. However, the owner should hold food and water until the dog is able to quit vomiting for 6 to 8 hours. The owner can give their pet over the counter Pepcid A/C 0.25 milligrams every 12 to 24 hours. If the dog was able to quit vomiting for at least 8 hours, the owner may give their pet a bland diet including boiled chicken, boiled hamburger and rice. In most cases, the vomiting will decrease in 2 to 3 days. If these solutions are not able to help your pet, the dog may need to be seen by a vet and have blood work and x-rays done to find out other reasons for the vomiting.

If a dog was given a kennel cough vaccine, and then a month later given the vaccine again by accident should the pet owner be worried about over dosing the pet with this vaccine?

The kennel cough vaccine is in many cases one of the many gentler vaccines compared to the rest. However, this vaccine should not harm the dog at all for have two kennel cough vaccines within a month apart. The pet owner should keep an eye on the pet for any signs of a vaccine reaction that may include vomiting, swollen face and hives on the skin.

If two dogs age 7 and 11 had intranasal kennel cough vaccine ten days ago and now coughing and vomiting, the dogs are lethargic but still eating. Should the dogs be seen by a vet?

In many cases, dogs will become sick because of a vaccination, but the cases of a dog becoming sick because of a vaccination will happen within a couple days instead of ten days later. However it may be possible that the dogs have developed kennel cough, or the dogs may be sick with something else. In the case that both dogs are eating, that is considered a good sign. The dogs may need to be put on antibiotics to help clear up whatever sickness that may be present. Considering that one of the dogs is older in age, however, the dogs should be seen by a vet to figure out what may be causing the sickness and coughing.

Kennel cough is a very common disease and is very contagious. There are vaccines that can help protect your dog from contracting kennel cough. This can become a very serious disease for your dog to have if not treated very quickly. For more information you can contact the thousands of Experts.
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