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Kegerator Problems

A kegerator is a household draft beer dispensing device. Usually the beer kegs would be stored in the refrigerator container to keep the kegerator chilled. A tapped keg can be maintained in these units for a period of time; usually a few months. The most important fact is the taste and quality of the beer will be maintained in this type of storage. A kegerator is available individually or it can be fashioned from a re-directed refrigerator or a freezer with the help of special equipment. Listed below are a few common questions that are answered by the Experts on kegerator problems

What could be the reason for a kegerator not allowing an individual to set the temperature?

This problem occurs when the board relay could be jammed in one position thereby engaging both settings. This would not allow the kegerator to remain constant on any temperature nor would it allow you to change or select a particular temperature. To address this issue you need to replace the relay board. If you are not comfortable in changing this part yourself, a technician can take care of it. The charge for the component could be about $128 for this model (charges vary based on models) and labor could be around $95.

How can an individual repair their kegerator that is freezing the contents even when set on the warmest setting?

If your kegerator is getting too cold or freezing it could be an indication the dial which you use to regulate the temperature is defective. This dial is actually the thermostat inside the kegerator. Basically the thermostat’s signal or sensor does not sense the interior has cooled sufficiently. Hence it continues to signal the compressor to run causing excessive cooling. Replacing the thermostat should resolve this issue.

How can an individual adjust the setting on their kegerator for it to get cooler?

In many cases, the individual would need to first detach the thermostat. On the thermostat, the individual should be able to see at one side, one or two Philip head screws where one could be lower than the other. Look at the lower one and turn the screw 1/8th of a turn in the clockwise direction. Reinstall the thermostat and wait for 24 hours. Next check the temperatures and adjust as required. If the unit is getting cold but not cold enough, turn it 1/8th of a turn further in the clockwise direction. The individual may need to keep doing this, until they have reached the desired temperature.

What does an “EE” error code imply on the temperature display of a kegerator?

Generally “EE” signifies a loose temperature sensor connection or a malfunctioning control board. It could mean your system has multiple loose connections. Check all the wires to locate the loose connection since it may not be only at the temperature control touch pad. The main control board is situated at the back of the unit with a panel covering it at the center lower back section close to the compressor. Check if the wire from the touch pad to the main control board is loose. Additionally at the left, rear, lower end of the unit you should be able to find a “vented” piece of plastic. Remove the plastic and you will find the temperature sensor here. Ensure it has a tight connection as well. On fixing the loose connections, your unit should function normally. If there is no change, the problem could be a faulty temperature sensor.

What could be the problem with a kegerator that the compressor comes on and runs for a few minutes, but then shuts off on its own?

The compressor is malfunctioning. An issue inside the compressor is causing excessive friction within the compressor unit. This is causing the compressor to resist and overheat. The result is the compressor will try to overcome the issue by shutting off and starting every minute or two. However it is unable to turn on until it has cooled down completely. The compressor will most likely need to be replaced and it could cost approximately $500 to do so.

What could be the cause of a kegerator not cooling enough when set on the coolest setting?

First the individual may try moving the unit away from the wall to allow for better air circulation for the condenser. Clean out the condenser coil and fan using a vacuum cleaner. Ensure the condenser fan is working. Wait for a day or two to ensure this. If it has not helped and you hear the compressor cycling on and off, the thermostat is malfunctioning and would need to be replaced. On the other hand if the condenser and fan run continuously, there is a possibility of a tiny refrigerant leak.

Kegerators as the name suggests is a unit which is combination of a keg (cask of beer) and a refrigerator. They are a unique appliance meant to store and cool kegs of beer. This may not be a common appliance in many households, which is why kegerator troubleshooting may be challenging to the owners of such systems. Therefore to have someone guide you and provide you with insights and information, Experts can be helpful and useful.
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