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Karaoke Player Troubleshooting

Are there error messages on your karaoke player that need deciphered? Or, do you need help resetting your device? When questions like these emerge, they are often accompanied with problems that cannot be solved without an outside help. When such is the case, consulting an Expert for a speedy repair is highly essential.

Read below where Experts have answered owners’ questions about karaoke player issues.

How to fix a ‘No Disc’ error on a RJTECH RJ-100 karaoke player?

  • First, remove all the wires and cables connected to the unit.
  • Then, wait for 15 minutes to reconnect.
  • Next, run a cleaner disc within the system for a couple of times.

If this does not fix the problem:

  • Unbolt the screws at the top case of the player to remove the cover.
  • Then, using compressed air, blow out any dust or debris from inside the unit.
  • Next, inspect the inside of the carriage with a flashlight for any obstructions and remove, if necessary.
  • Then, with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, clean the optical lens.
  • Leave it for two minutes to dry.
  • Finally, clean the discs and reinstall the cover to test the unit. Make sure to check all the internal components before closing the tray to reconnect.

If the problem still persists, it could indicate a defective laser that will need replaced.

How to connect an Emerson karaoke player to a Vocopro mic mixer and a Polaroid TV?

  • Using a ¼ inch cable, connect the ‘Mic Out’ socket on the Vocopro to the ‘Mic Input’ jack on the Emerson player.
  • Then, connect a yellow RCA cable from the Emerson’s ‘Video Out’ to the ‘Video In’ jack on the TV. Make sure to select the source as ‘Video 1’ on the TV.
  • Finally, route the red and white RCA cables from the ‘ML’ and ‘MR’ jacks on the Emerson to the ‘Audio Input’ on the TV or the ‘Red and White’ inputs on the RCA system.

What can be done if an IView 2000K karaoke player fails to power up?

  • First, inspect the power cord to the unit for any loose contacts and replace, if needed
  • Then, measure the voltage on the power supply to ensure there is adequate power to the display.
  • Finally, check the fuses and the wires on the power board for any burns or shorts.

If all appears to be fine, the control board could be at fault that will need to be replaced. However, before making any repairs, use a different power cable to see if it fixes the issue.

How to fix a karaoke player program that displays an error message ‘Unrecognized database format’ when importing MP3-Gs files to it?

The database could likely be corrupted causing this issue.

  • First, go to ‘Start’ and click on ‘My Computer.’
  • Then, click ‘C:\ (Hard Drive)’ and enter into the ‘Program files.’
  • Next, select ‘Roxbox’ and click the option ‘Karaoke Player.’
  • Then, locate the music files and right click on it.
  • Rename the files from ‘songlist.mdb’ to ‘songlist.mdb.old.’
  • Then, reinstall the program and run it.

If this does not work:

  • Click on ‘Roxbox’ again to open it.
  • Then, click the file ‘songlist.mdb’ and open the ‘App Data’ folder to delete it.
  • Next, click the ‘File’ tab again and create a new database to import the files; or else, select ‘Repair’ to fix the database fault.
  • Finally, if nothing works, create a backup of your data and reinstall the operating system to remove any corrupted registry entries.

How to reset a CAVS DVD-105G karaoke player?

  • First, take out any disc placed inside the drive.
  • Then, wait for the unit to display the ‘No Disc’ message.
  • Next, turn on the device and select the ‘Setup’ option.
  • Then, hit the ‘Up’ arrow button twice and press ‘Enter’ to go to the ‘Preference’ menu.
  • Next, push the ‘Up’ arrow button 3 times followed by pressing the ‘Right’ arrow button.
  • Press ‘Enter’ to reset the player.
  • Finally, restart the unit.

How to fix a karaoke player that fails to produce sound through the speakers?

  • First, remove the back cover from the speaker cabinet.
  • Then, check the push-on terminals inside the cabinet for any issues.
  • If one of them seems to be loose or has dropped off, press it tightly to secure the connection.
  • Next, make sure to keep the volume on the unit very low while doing this.
  • Finally, repeat the same process on the other speaker to confirm it is properly connected.

In case this still does not fix the problem, the speakers could be at fault that will need to be repaired.

What can be done if the music on a karaoke player skips intermittently while the song still plays and the lyrics display?

  • First, switch off the player and leave it untouched for 20 minutes.
  • Then, disconnect the power cord from the wall socket.
  • Finally, wait for another 20 minutes and reconnect to reset the controller.

If this does not solve the issue, it might either indicate a soft error on the hard drive or a scratched disc inside the player.

Whether you are an amateur singer or an aspiring one, owning a karaoke player can serve you the best. It gives you the freedom to practice songs on your own and improve your singing skills as well as allows you to have a fun time with your family and friends whenever you want. Thus, when these devices malfunction, it can be very frustrating. To avoid such circumstances, immediate specialist attention is strongly recommended to get back to normal working order. Verified Experts are available round the clock to help fix your problem and clarify doubts from the comfort of your home at the most reasonable price. 

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