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Juvenile Crime Questions

What is juvenile crime?

Juvenile crime or delinquency is when a minor practices or participates in illegal or criminal activity. In most cases the judicial system has set guidelines in which they handle juvenile offenders, such as juvenile detention centers and courts. A juvenile delinquent is a minor that continues to break the law and is under the age of 18. Depending on the crime that the juvenile commits, the juvenile can be charged as an adult. In recent years the national average for juvenile offender’s first time arrests have dramatically gone up. Between 60%-80% of minors image in criminal activity and have been arrested at least once.

When a juvenile is on probation and then is arrested on a Friday, does the probation officer have to still see them within 24 hours and can they talk to the juvenile without his/her parents?

When a juvenile gets arrested and is on probation, then the probation officer assigned to the case would need to contact the juvenile within 24 hours even if the arrest takes place on a Friday. The parents or legal guardians does not need to be present when the juvenile meets with his/her probation officer, but the juvenile has the right to two complete phone calls being one to his/her parents and one to a lawyer. The best advice for the juvenile would be to have a lawyer present while he/she is being questioned.

How should a juvenile plead at his/her arraignment hearing for a possession of marijuana in a national park?

The best advice for a juvenile in this case would to plead not guilty. If the charges were a federal offense, then the juvenile’s parents would need to get him/her a federal public defender due to the fact that jail time may not be an issue, the juvenile would have a record and with a defender there may be a way for the juvenile to have the record expunged or closed.

How can a person tell if a juvenile is charged as an adult?

In most cases juvenile records are sealed and therefore cannot be viewed when a person tries to go to the clerk’s office and see the file. If the file is viewable then this means that the record is not sealed and is not a juvenile record, but an adult record.

In the state of Florida, how can a person get his/her juvenile record expunged?

In the state of Florida, a person’s juvenile record is normally expunged at age 24 or 26. The juvenile would not need to take any further action to have this done due to it being an automatic thing when the juvenile reaches these ages. There are a few minor crimes that are expunged before this, but that list is not too long.

Can a sealed juvenile record be unsealed in the course of a custody and child support action?

In most cases a juvenile’s records cannot be reopened for the use in a custody case. Once the records are sealed then they cannot be reopened later. The only reasons that the records can be reopend are for defamation reasons or by the DMV.

When a juvenile commits a crime and is in need of some questions being answered regarding the charges, the proper way to deal with the charges, or to clear up any issues that they may have, they may need to consult an Expert to help them answer the questions that they or their parents may have.
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