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Juvenile Probation Officer Questions

What is a juvenile probation officer?

A juvenile probation officer play a part in the criminal justice system by supervising a juvenile who has broke the law that is released from imprisonment or sentenced to non-custodial punishment such as community service. In some jurisdictions probation officers are involved in giving reports on offenders and make sentencing suggestions to the court. Read below where Experts have provided answers to questions about juvenile probation officers.

Is someone required to a drug test if a juvenile officer recommends it and it court ordered by the juvenile judge?

They are required to take the drug test, and if they refuse the court will count that as a positive test and they could be in some sort of trouble. If they were ordered to take a drug test and they refuse the court could find them in contempt and look at jail time or fines.

Can a probation officer send a person’s personal information to the other spouse, so that they can use against them while fighting for custody?

If the probation officer is obtaining information on a person that they do not oversee, they can lose their job. They would need to contact the probation officer’s supervisor and inform them that the officer is using their system to collect information on another person, when they do not have the right to. If there is evidence they would need to show the supervisor this evidence so that the complaint can be supported. They can even file a civil lawsuit against the probation officer when presented to the judge of the action they have taken and present the evidence as well.

What is a juvenile probation officers duties?

Juvenile probation officers have about the same job duties as an adult probation officer; they make sure that the juvenile on probation obeys with the circumstances of probation or any conditions made by the judge. One difference between a juvenile probation and an adult probation officer is that often a circumstance of probation is that the juvenile is enrolled in school or other academic setting. It is the probation officer’s job to make sure that the juvenile is not only attending school but also showing up on a daily basis and not getting into in trouble at school. It is considered violation of probation for the juvenile to be suspended from school or drop out, also if the child skips school this can also be a justification for violation of probation. Other responsibilities include check out the juvenile’s home living situation, making sure they are properly cared for and involving DFS if there are reasons to think there is abuse and/or neglect. Probation officers will also watch for drug use and will sometimes require drug tests to be done.

In the state of Kansas what is the law on violation of juvenile probation?

Kansas statue that relates to violation of juvenile probation: 38-2368: Violation of condition of probation or placement. (a) If it is alleged that a juvenile offender has violated a condition of probation or of a court-ordered placement, the county or district attorney, the victim of the offense committed by the offender, the assigned court services officer or the current custodian and placement of the juvenile offender may file a report with the court describing the alleged violation. The court shall provide copies of the report to the parties to the proceeding. The court, upon the court's own motion or the motion of the commissioner or any party, shall set the matter for hearing and may issue a warrant pursuant to K.S.A. 2009, and amendments thereto. Upon receipt of the motion, the court will set a time and place for hearing and provide notice to the mutant and to the current custodian and placement of the juvenile offender and to each party involved. Except as set out in subsection (b), if the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the juvenile offender violated a condition of probation or placement, the court may extend or modify the terms of probation or placement or enter another sentence pursuant to, and amendments thereto, except that a child support order which has been registered under K.S.A. 2009 Supp. 38-2321, and amendments may only be modified pursuant and amendments.

What can someone do if they feel the probation officer is not being fair?

Other than asking to change legislation, the only other possibility is to appeal the case to a higher court. At the appeal the higher court will review the lower court’s decision and see if there was an abuse in the judgment. If the higher court believes the lower courts sentence was an improper judgment then the case will re-open and the higher court will have the lower court to re-look their decision and obey with the proper guidelines. If the higher court agrees with the lower court’s decision then the case cannot be appealed again. When a juvenile is placed on probation, they must complete court-ordered punishments and services. The general circumstances of probation, the juvenile will need to obey all the special conditions appointed by the court and with mandatory punishments that related to the offense committed. Experts can provide answers regarding to juvenile probation officers and their duties as the law applies in each state.
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