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Juvenile Detention Center Questions

Juvenile detention centers are secure residential facilities designed to house young people who are waiting for court hearings or waiting to be placed in long-term facilities or programs. Dealing with the juvenile system can be stressful and confusing for parents who have never dealt with this type of situation. Family Lawyers on JustAnswer can answer any type of juvenile detention center related questions that you may have. Read below where Experts have provided customized answers.

What are the penalties for a 17-year-old who does not comply with a juvenile court judge’s order?

Generally, the penalties for a teen not complying with a judge’s orders will depend upon the individual judge who placed the orders. There is the possibility that the court could issue a warrant for the parent’s arrest due to the teen’s failure to comply with the court order. The teen can be jailed until a contempt hearing. At the hearing, the judge will decide what actions need to be taken. The penalty for the teen’s actions could be anything from a warning to probation or being sent to a juvenile detention center. However, anything that is placed on the teen’s juvenile criminal record would not go on his/her permanent record, but would be expunged once the teen reaches the age of 18. 

Can a teenage male be put in a juvenile detention center for viewing pornography on the internet?

In most cases, viewing porn on the net would not be enough cause to be placed in a juvenile detention center. However, if the teen shares the pornography with younger children or sexually assaults someone as a result of watching the porn, they could be placed in a detention center.  If nothing more than viewing porn is involved, the teen would probably receive supervised probation. Each situation is different and this can lead to uncertainty about your legal rights and what might happen to the juvenile. When faced with such situations, you can seek a second opinion from Family Lawyers on JustAnswer. 

Is child support due if a child is in a juvenile detention center on a full-time basis?

Child support is required to be paid until the court order has been changed. If you have a child in a juvenile detention center and you pay support, you should tell the child’s case worker that you pay court-ordered child support. Usually, they will petition the court to have the child support modified. When they request a modification, the payments will be paid to the state instead of the other parent. 

Can one parent take a child from a juvenile detention center when the other parent had the child placed there?

If both parents have shared legal custody of a child, either parent would have the right to take the child. Of course, this would all depend upon the reasons for the child being placed in the juvenile detention center. If it involves posting bail and the other parent was to post the bail, then the child would be allowed to go with the other parent. However, if there is a court order stating that the child remain in the detention facility, the other parent would not normally be allowed to remove the child. 

If a parent files assault charges against their child, will the child go to a juvenile detention center?

If a parent files a complaint, it would be up to the District Attorney to file the assault charges. Usually, in situations like this, the parent will have a chance to voice their desires and concerns once the matter goes to juvenile court. You may want to contact the DA’s office and discuss the situation and what you would like before the matter goes to court. Generally, the child would be placed on probation and be ordered to participate in anger management classes and family counseling. 

Dealing with a child who requires the assistance of a juvenile detention center can be heartbreaking for a parent. You are going to need fast answers to some hard legal questions. Although your friends and family want to lend their opinions, you should look for something more solid. When you find yourself in a situation that requires experienced legal insight, Family Lawyers on JustAnswer can answer your legal questions related to juvenile detention centers in an efficient and knowledgeable manner.

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