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What is Juvenile Adjudication?

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What is Juvenile Adjudication?

Juvenile adjudication refers to minor children that are under a court's jurisdiction usually as a result of having engaged in delinquent behavior and not having a legal guardian that could be entrusted with being responsible for him or her. 

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What does it mean if a child is a ward of the state?

Making the child a ward of the state means that the parents have no right over the child. It could also mean that the child is being placed in a foster home, a group home or even in jail. 

Will a juvenile serve jail time for a first offense of breaking and entering?

If the juvenile has not faced any prior charges, they may be looking at  adjudication. Often, this does not go on their record and is not considered a conviction; it’s a different type of probation. This consists of community hours, a couple improvement classes towards the charge and possibly drug tests. Even if adjudication goes on their record, once they are done with their classes and probation, it is generally taken off. The time served in a juvenile detention depends on the defender, the history of prior offenses and the view the court takes on the specifics of the case. 

If caught selling prescription pills at school, what charges could the child be facing?

The school can expel them from the school, and have the child put in an alternative school setting. The child may also be placed on probation for any amount of time at the discretion of the court. This time can be until the child reaches the age of 18. The child could have a felony charge on their record; and may also be placed in a different home — like a relative or foster home, if the court feels the child is not in a stable home. 

What rights does a grandparent have if they found out they have a grandchild in foster care and they want to adopt them?

A grandparent can hire a lawyer to help him/her in adopting the grandchild. The court will need to see that grandparents want to be in the child’s lives. The court can grant adoption or visitation if it feels that it is in the best interest of the child

Can someone be prosecuted for helping a 17-year-old run away from Ohio to Washington?

The implications may depend on the state laws in which they have traveled through. In Ohio, the legal age when a person can decide to leave home and live independently is 16. As such, no charges may be filed there. Each state has different laws regarding the legal age to leave a parent’s home. If it is deemed to be an offense in a particular state, it will only be charged as a misdemeanor. 

Since the law regarding minors or juveniles is different from the law for adults, it often results in legal questions. When faced with the prospect of juvenile adjudication, it is best to be well informed of your legal standing, rights and available course of action. One way to do this is to ask Family Lawyers on JustAnswer. Answers from Experts are quick, affordable and their legal insight can help you take the most suitable legal action in your circumstances.

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