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Joining the Navy

How can someone join the Navy?

Rather the individual is looking to join as an Enlisted Sailor or Officer, the process is pretty simple. However, many are not sure where to start. Once a person has decided to join the Navy, they should get in contact with a recruiter. Most of the time, a recruiter can answer any questions that a person may have. Many times people have questions and need information on joining the Navy prior to making a commitment to talk to a recruiter. Listed below are five of the top joining the Navy questions that have been asked and then answered by the Experts.

What are the requirements for joining the navy as an officer?

The individual would need a clean criminal record. No prior convictions or interactions with the law. They will need a 4 year degree from an accredited university. They will need to pass an extensive background check that will look into their moral fitness. There is an age requirement of at least 19 years but no older the 35 years old, but this can be waived for certain jobs or if they have prior service.

Can any loans that someone has had prior to joining the navy be reduced to six percent interest and would they be reimbursed for the interest they have paid since joining, is this true?

This is not correct. It is not only joining that permits that shift. It is deployment, and the individual has to in fact, submit an application for it with the credit card company and a copy your military orders with a letter mentioning the Servicemen’s Civl Relief Act. For additional information, people can ask the military Lawyers for insights and solutions.

If someone has been on medication to help attention, and wants to join the Navy, will they be accepted?

The military does not accept people that need medicine to function, so they would be disqualified. The individual would need to, under the supervision of doctors, remove the medicine from the individual’s system. Then show a good track record of not having issues with the medicine no longer being in their system.

If someone signed with the navy on 8-5-10, and on 8-6-10 they got an underage drinking ticket. The party was not arrested, and did not do a sobriety test. What is going to happen? The party does not report to boot camp until 6-14-2011.

The key is to resolve the ticket so the individual does not have probation extended past his ship date and if possible reduce or erase the charges altogether. The individual should speak with their recruiter and inform them on what is going on. Before the individual even enlists, the military will be able to see this information when they run a background check. If the individual could get this dropped or reduced, then the individual should talk to the recruiter and let them know the situation and how it can be resolved.

If someone got a dui, and they want to join the navy, will they drop the charges?

More than likely not, however, they might reduce the charges, or try to resolve the subject fast to help. Work with your attorney to let the prosecutor and the judge know what is up. With any luck one of them will be prior service, and this can help.

Joining the Navy is a unique topic; it can have many legal issues. People often times turn towards military lawyers for insights or solutions. With similar questions such as: information on joining the navy, join the navy requirements, and how to join the navy? Military Experts can help individuals get for and reliable answers.
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