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Joining the Military

Want to join the military? There are many people who want to join the US military but do not know how to go about it. They are unaware of who can join the military, how to join the military after college, as well as what the rules and requirements are for joining the military. Often trying to do one’s own research on all these issues may be difficult for an individual. Military Lawyers can give you the answers. Ask Experts to know and understand who can join the military and other related topics. Given below are the popular questions answered by the Experts about joining the military.

What are the Age Requirements for Joining the Military?

According to the federal law, an individual can enlist in the US military at the age of 17 with parental consent and at 18 without parental consent. The maximum age for joining the US military is 42 years. Ask military lawyers to get more information about joining the US military.

Can an Individual with a Past Mental Health Problem Join the Military?

An individual with a past mental health problem may join the military if he/she is able to prove through medical documentation that the mental health issue no longer persists. A waiver can be obtained if the mental issue does not exist any longer. However, it is important for the individual to inform the recruiters about the mental issue. If it is found out during the background check, the individual can be separated from the military. In some situations, he/she can also be criminally charged with falsifying documentation, court-martialed and sent to prison.

Can a Non-Citizen join the US Military Force?

There is a statutory requirement that only a US national can become a commissioned officer in the US military. However, this may not be the same for enlistment. Non-citizens can enlist in the US military if they entered the country on a permanent resident visa or have an Alien Registration Receipt Card. The visa or green card must be valid during the entire term of enlistment. Other situations where non-citizens can enlist for the US military are if they have established a bona fide residence and established a home of record in the US. Although non-citizens may enlist in the US military, they are not allowed to reenlist unless they become US citizens.

Can an Individual be Forced to Join the Military?

An individual cannot be forced to join the military either by their parents or by the court. In some cases, if the parents want their child to join the military, they can talk to their child about it, tell them about its importance and try to convince the child. However, the child cannot be forced to do so.

Can an Individual be Relocated from One Base to Another on Joining the Military?

An individual may be relocated from one base to another on joining the military. Every contract in the military has a specific section that mentions military prerogative to complete a mission. An individual must do all it takes to complete the mission. If he/she is asked to move with military orders, he/she should obey. Failing to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Can an Individual with a Felony against him/her Join the Military?

It may be difficult for an individual with a felony charge against him/her to join the military. However, in some cases, it may not be impossible. The individual will need a waiver to get enlisted into the military. The chance of getting such a waiver depends on the recruiter. In most cases, waivers are given if the military needs to meet its numbers. They may not be given if the military has already met its numbers and don’t need any more recruits.

Having as much information as possible on joining the military will make it easier for an individual during the recruitment process. Experts can answer questions about joining the military and other related issues. Ask an Expert if you have any need for information on joining the military, delayed entry program, recall to active duty and other military law related questions.
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