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Joining the Marines

How can someone join the Marines?

Often people think that the requirement to join the Marines is to just submit an application. However, that is not the case; they would talk with a recruiter. The recruiter will ask questions to determine if one is eligible. To enlist one would have to be at least 17 years old but not yet 29 years old, have proof of legal residency, high school diploma, passed a physical exam. The individual will simply sign the agreement. Prior to the individual shipping off, they would need to pass the test to be eligible. When people are faced with questions they can ask the military Lawyers for advice. Listed below are five of the top joining the Marines questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Can someone join the Marines while on probation for a DWI?

The individual should talk with a recruiter and request that they get the individual a waiver. If the waiver is approved then the individual could enlist. For additional information, the individual can ask the Military Lawyers for insights and solutions for their problems.

Can a federal judge sentence a person to a term in the military and if so what is the statue for that?

A judge in court cannot sentence anyone to enlist in the military. Although, years ago the judges did give certain people the choice to either enlist in the military or do jail time. However, under the present rules a person would have to get a waiver of their felony convictions. That will be hard. Recruiters are getting recruits without having to give moral waivers because the economy is bad and people need the jobs.

If someone has bad collection credit debts, that have been “written off” will this affect their right to enroll in the Marines.

If the balance due is in fact "written off" that is if the individual no longer owes it, then they could still enroll. However, if the individual still owes the debt, they should solve this (pay off the balance that is due) prior to the service taking the individual.

If someone wants to join the military and they have misdemeanor charge for shoplifting but the charge will be expunged once probation is completed, is still possible for them to join the marines?

The Marines have a waiting list of people with clean records. It is doubtful they would take anyone with a conviction today. However, other branches of the Military often have waivers for people with blemishes on their criminal record that will allow them to enlist without prejudice.

If someone is trying to join the Marines and he or she failed their hearing test but the ENT gave a waiver, how long would it take for the Marines to make a decision to accept the individual on a medical waiver?

As enlistment for the Marines is up, the need to decrease the amount of waivers that are accepted is up as well. In addition, many times with all the people attempting to get in, it is creating the wait for waivers take longer. Usually a health waiver would take seven days. The individual might want to double that time as this waiver fights with the others from people attempting to enroll.

Joining the Marines often has many perks and drawbacks. The draw backs can often cause a variety of questions to be raised. People often turn towards Experts for insights or solutions to their questions. The most common question that a person has seems to have is, How do I join the Marines, and what are the requirements to join the Marines. Experts can help answer these questions and more.
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