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Joining the Army

What are the steps for someone joining the Army?

For many the first step can be to apply online. After that the person applying most generally will speak to a recruiter. It is then that the recruiter can answer any and all questions they may have. However, many have questions prior to joining the Army and do not know where to turn for the answers. When people are faced with situations like this, a person should turn to an Expert for advice. Listed below are five of the top joining the Army questions that have been answered by the Experts.

Can someone join the Army Reserves if they are a disabled VET? Their disability is seventy percent due to PTSD.

Probably not seeing how it is at seventy percent. If someone is seventy percent disabled then they are no deployable. Therefore, it is not possible that the reserves would take the individual. The individual could summit their application but their disability will not let them be eligible for deployment.

If someone that wants to join the Army, had prior legal issues. What are some of the things that would disqualify?

There are several things that are disqualifying, but from the criminal law side, the two main ones are a felony conviction, or a conviction at any court for domestic violence. Aside from that, the majority of other sentences are suitable for a waiver.

If someone has been treated for idiopathic short stature with human growth hormone injections for several years. This has helped the party to reach their natural full height potential, but will this background keep them out of the military?

case details: The party visited the Coast Guard Academy, and was told that it could be a problem that it would exclude them.

The first place to seek help will be the Army regulation on medical qualifications, and also to ask the recruiter and MEPS. They would want to know whether the individual would continue on medicine and any other factors that might make them not worldwide deployable. In addition, the individual should be able to pass physical fitness standards and regular testing.

If someone has a 17 yr old son who joined the Army Reserves and leaves June 2 for boot camp does the parent still have to pay child support for him.

The parent would still be obligated to pay their child support even thought the child is in the Army. This would still be the same if the child were to leave to go to college. Unless the child is legally emancipated which simply joining the Army will not do. Then the parent still has to pay child support.

If someone is interested in joining the Army and has just been sentenced to 5 years probation as a Youthful Offender (in Florida) for Drug Trafficking, would this eliminate the party from joining the Army?

Drug offenses are almost an absolute bar to enlistment. That being said, it may be possible through the Youthful Offender program to have the charges reduced to the point that they’d be considered.

Joining the Army is a topic that can spark up many different questions that people are not prepared to answer; such as: what are the requirements to join the army, what is the age limit or joining the army, and joining the army with a felony. When someone is facing joining the army questions, they often times seek help from an Expert.
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