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Questions about Joining the Air Force

When someone is joining the Air Force, the military requires having as a minimum a high school certificate or GED. A high-quality grade on the entry assessment would get the individual better work. When people are faced with situations like this, they can ask Experts for advice. Listed below are five of the top joining the Air Force questions that have been answered by the Experts.

If someone would like to join the Air Force, but has asthma. The party’s asthma is controlled flares up to allergies and cats. Is it possible for the party to get into the air force?

There are many medical reasons why a person cannot join the Air Force, the main one is overall all recruits have to be medically qualified. The standard rule is in Army Regulation 40-501. The individual could look at section 2-23 on page twelve. If the individual is in one of these categories that is why they are being told they cannot join.

If someone wants to join the Air Force but had a written a citation for petty larceny at age 18 can they join?

Many times depending on the severity of the crime, the individual that wants to join the Air Force could request a waiver. Often with this waiver they can be approved to join.

If someone was 20 years old, and would like to join the Air Force, but has a DUI on their record, from 2 1/2 years ago; is there any way to join with this on their record?

The biggest issue that the individual would face is the poor economy. The poor economy has made a large numbers of people turning to the military for work regardless of their criminal record. Recruiting is up in every branch and often people are let join depending on the criminal record. The need to grant waivers has decreased. For example, the Marines recently decreased their maximum age for enlistment. It’s tough today to get a waiver. Still it’s not impossible. But the Air Force is the most difficult to get in now. The individual needs to find a recruiter who will work with them to get the waiver they will need to enlist despite the conviction.

If someone joined the Air force on the delayed entry program, is awaiting their job assignment but was arrested on a DUI, will this affect their entry into the Air Force?

In all actuality, the individual is not really enlisted yet, so the individual cannot be separated. The individual cannot enroll with any pending cases against them. The individual should get in touch with their recruiter and inform them of what is going on. Then they should finish the DUI procedure and then get in touch with their recruiter again with the disposition of the DUI case.

Is someone able to join the Air Force with a felony of arson?

Unfortunately even under a period of time when the military services are ramping up personnel, it would be difficult to be successful the individual’s effort to enlist or commission in the Air Force. However, right now it is even worse, since the military is downsizing, during times like that recruiting requirements get much tighter. In order to enter the military when a person has a criminal conviction of any sort, they must have a waiver approved via that Service Secretary. As mentioned, that just isn’t happening now, because the Services cutting back personnel so they can afford to reject all applicants that would require a waiver.

Joining the Air Force can be a very rewarding experience, however there are many legal issues that can often come up and questions may be raised. Experts can help individuals get for and reliable answers.
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