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iWork Problems

Need help installing iWork on the Mac? Need tips and tricks on how iWork functions? iWork is Mac’s answer to organizing data, photos, documents and so on. It is the easiest means to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in the Mac style and opens a whole gamut of possibilities. iWork problems can arise suddenly and without warning. This may interfere with the work being carried out on it. At other times it could be matter of incorrect settings or enabling different settings.To know more about iWork problems, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

Does the iWork trial need to be purchased?

Yes the iWork software is required to be purchased. This software is available from the local Apple store or online on the following link: Alternatively, a copy can be purchased from most main online retailers such as

After downloading the purchased iWork software, where should the key be inserted?

In new trial offers, Apple does not require a serial number. When the new trial is installed and you wish to purchase, a “Buy” button is available to go ahead with it. The following link has more information from Apple.

If the registration key has already been purchased, the original trial version needs to be reinstalled so that it can be validated. If these actions are too complicated to handle, the Support Express feature on the Apple website can be opted for by clicking on the following link: to communicate directly with an Apple support person. For personalized support an appointment can be taken at Genius bar of a local Apple store.

Is it difficult to integrate photos and different formats of writing material while compiling a reunion booklet using iWork software?

The Mac computer supports most picture formats similar to other computers. Also, since iWork has been purchased and is being used, it will support documents such as Word, PP, JPEG, PNG images and so on.

I am unable to locate iWork. I want to compose a letter, the keynote and numbers on the dock are present but how can the letter writing capability be enabled?

Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner and type “Pages”. When it shows up in the dock, right click on the pages icon and choose the option to keep it in the dock. If right clicking does not work, then press the option key (two keys to the left of the space bar) and hold, then click on the pages icon and find ‘keep in dock’ option. In case the “Pages” icon does not turn up or open, check the trash folder in case it was accidentally deleted.

After installing iWork 08 on the Macbook Pro, why does all the text being typed in “Pages” becoming invisible until it is highlighted then it is purple?

Go to the Macintosh HD and click on the “Applications” folder, next ”Utilities” and then double click Disk Utility. Once it opens the hard drive detail (Macintosh HD) should be visible on the left side. Click hard drive and then the option “Verify Disk” on the right should be clicked. If this is fine then “Repair Permissions” should be clicked. If not, then try the “Repair” option. If the repair option is successful, then the “Repair Permissions” option can be tried. Once this is complete you can go to the Apple logo, then to Software Update and run this until there are no more updates. Once this is done, the computer can be restarted and the “Pages” feature can be tried again.

As seen above, though iWork software is designed to be simple and as user friendly as possible, being a user you may have many questions or iWork problems. It may not be practical or feasible to obtain answers for these questions online or in material. On several occasions it is a matter of simple tips or steps to resolve the issue. Hence to get this type of information and opinions regarding iWork problems, Expert’s guidance and expertise can be useful in obtaining answers and information, quickly and economically.
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