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iWeb Problems

What is iWeb?

iWeb is an Apple application that allows users to create websites and blogs without coding, and publish websites to hosting services. Although iWeb is an easy tool to use, the drawbacks such as limited features, a cease on application upgrade by Apple, and discontinuation of MobieMe leave some unresolved issues and questions. Read below where Experts offer alternate solutions and troubleshoot iWeb problems.

How to upgrade from iWeb 2.0.4 to 3.0.4 on Mac with OS X 10.6.8?

As iWeb comes with Apple iLife suite of applications, one needs to buy iLife to upgrade iWeb application.

How to open an iWeb designed website saved in computer?

Files saved from a website may not open in the computer unless the backup of domain file is available. The workaround could be to copy the text and images from a web browser and redesign the site in iWeb.

How to transfer iWeb files to another computer?

In order to transfer iWeb files, transfer domain files located within the Library folder to the other computer. Domain files stores all the content of the iWeb website. Here’s the complete path to domain file (Domain.sities): Finder/Go/Go to folder, type ~/Library (hit Go)/ Application support/iWeb/Domain. Copy Domain file via an external hard drive onto the exact location mentioned above in the desired computer i.e. Library/Application Support/iWeb. The other computer may have a default domain file. Opt to keep both files, but rename the default domain file to ‘Domain.old’. Names of the two domain files may need to be swapped per use, with the file name ‘Domain’ being the functional one.

What are viable hosting solutions for iWeb website to replace MobileMe?

One popular and easy option is to set up a hosting account with GoDaddy. It is a paid site, but does not require a rebuild of websites, mainly some setting changes. GoDaddy would walk the user through the process to move iWeb site to GoDaddy. iWeb can still be used for site updates.

How to regain broken Apple iWeb domain connection between MobileMe and GoDaddy?

This may require domain setting changes at GoDaddy hosting site. Log on to the user account and launch domain settings. Click the domain file that should load first (home or a welcome page) and hit ‘Forward’ located on top. On the displayed dialogue box type or copy the iWeb site link and select ‘302 Move Permanently’ button. Click ‘masking’ to enable masking followed by ‘OK’ to ensure iWeb site appears as the domain instead of MobileMe URL. The loading may take some time to process. Once processed, iWeb site domain should be restored and registered with GoDaddy.

Why is iWeb 09 not able to load programs or tools?

To eliminate possibility of an account problem as opposed to a system issue with iWeb, create a new user by going to System Preference/Accounts. Try to launch iWeb through the new user account. Quit iWeb if it does not load and trash located within Library/Preferences. Empty Trash and restart the computer. iWeb should launch now.

Is it possible to import back to iWeb application an existing website designed in iWeb?

iWeb could open the site in the application if the backup of ‘domain.sites’ file is available and copied to Library/application support/iWeb. Domain files are equipped with resources that make up the website. iWeb cannot ‘import’ If the backup consist only of website folder containing .html and .jpg files . Domain file is the key.

Its ease of creation and publication makes iWeb an easier option to design both personal blogs and professional website. However, as iWeb may no longer be supported or upgraded it can pose potential business disruption. When this happens, Expert help maybe needed. Experts with specialist knowledge of the iWeb application can offer solutions to iWeb problems and direction to hosting alternatives.
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