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Ivermectin Questions

What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent that is generally used to treat parasites and worm infestations in both humans and animals such as:
• Onchocerciasis
• Strongyloidiasis
• Ascariasis
• Trichuriasis
• Filariasis
• Enterociasis
• Scabies
• Several worm infestations

In many cases, treatment may be ongoing for long periods of time. This is generally because the medication does not always kill certain adult worms, but will kill the eggs and larva on contact. When there is a need for a person to take Ivermectin, questions regarding proper dose may arise.

Below are questions about Ivermectin that are answered by the Experts.

Can a person take Ivermectin that is intended for a horse?

When there is a worm infestation in a human, the dose of Ivermectin should be prescribed by a physicial that would know the proper dosage. Using medication that is intended for a horse or other animal may be too much for a human and may cause over dose.

How can a person stop re-infestation after using Ivermectin?

When a person has an infestation of worms and has been treated with Ivermectin, re-infestation generally does not occur. It is usually suggested that the whole family be treated with the same medication and at the same time to prevent re-infestations. The symptoms of the worms may last for a period of four to six weeks after treatment.

What tests are ran before determining a person may need Ivermectin and does the doctor have to see the person before prescribing this medication?

When there is a suspicion of worms in a person, the doctor may do some tests. These tests may include blood and fecal samples. Once there is a confirmation of worms, the doctor may prescribe a person Ivermectin. When there is a need for this medication, the doctor will generally need to see the patient in person and generally will not prescribe the medication without the proper tests.

What can happen of a person takes both Klonopin and Ivermectin together?

When a person is taking Klonopin and is in need of taking Ivermectin, the doctor may not have the person to take the medications together. In some cases, the two medicines mixed together may cause liver failure.

What are the various forms of Ivermectin treatment and is a follow up worm test needed?

Ivermectin is generally given in two forms, injections and pills. In many cases, the doctor will start treatment with the pill form, but if the worms do not die or respond to this, the injection may be given. Once the medications have been given, a follow up stool sample or blood test may be ran to make sure the treatment was successful.

Can worms cause a bacterial infection even though treated with Ivermectin?

When being treated for worms there is always a chance of a bacterial infection after treatment. When this happens, the doctor may do follow up tests to make sure more parasites are not causing the infection.

When there is a need for this medication, questions regarding dosage and effectiveness may arise. When these questions come up a person may need to ask the Experts.
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