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Itchy Skin in Children

What causes itchy skin in children?

When a person has itchy, tingling issues with their skin that makes them scratch it, then this is considered to be itchy skin. The causes of itchy skin may vary and include aging skin, poison ivy or oak, allergic reaction, bug bites, viral rashes, and many other causes that may be determined by the person’s doctor. Below are questions about itchy skin in children that are answered by an Expert.

If a child has itchy skin that has been treated by many things, but gets worse when the child has a bath or uses lotion, what could be the cause of the itchy skin?

In most cases, when a child has itchy skin that has been treated but does not get any better, then the child may have eczema. Eczema is a type of skin issue that generally cannot be cured, but only treated. In most cases, when the child is suffering from eczema, then the doctors generally try and use lotions that contain Tacrolmus. This ingredient generally helps with the flare up of the eczema.

If a child is not circumcised and has a itchy penis, what could this be and what will help it?

In most cases, when a child is not circumcised, then they may not be washing where the foreskin is. This may cause the area under the foreskin to become irritated and cause the itchy skin. The parent or child may want to make sure that they are folding back the foreskin and washing, then putting a type of antibiotic cream on the area where it is irritated. This should help with the itchy skin and help to heal the area.

If a child breaks out in red dots and has itchy skin, does not want to eat and is irritable, what could be the cause of this?

In most cases, this may be a sign of chicken pox, but if the child was tested and the tests were negative, then this itchy skin and small red bumps could be a type of viral rash. This may be a type of strep rash that is brought on by strep throat. The child may also have had an allergic reaction to something and allergy testing may help the parent and doctor to determine what the cause of the itchy skin is.

If a child has a itchy rash all over their body but does not have a fever that looked to be ringworm, but then went away and then more spots showed up on the child’s face, what can this be?

In most cases, when a child has itchy skin like this, then it may be a type of Pityriasis Rosea, which is generally a harmless condition that is caused by unknown issues. The parent may want to try and give the child some Benadryl to help with the itching and then take the child to the doctor as soon as they have a chance or can make an appointment. In most cases, the itchy skin can be managed by keeping the child from getting too overheated.

Itchy skin in children may be caused by viruses, allergic reactions, or other irritants to the skin. When a child has itchy skin, then the parents may have questions regarding the cause, how to treat it, or even what types of tests that they need to run. When the parents have these questions, then they may need to seek the answers from an Expert.
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