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ISA Brown Related Questions

Are you raising ISA Brown chicken's and need more information? ISA Brown chicken's are a unique breed. They may face particular issues and problems which need to be addressed or require a certain level of care. If you, as the owner of these chickens, have doubts or specific questions, you can ask verified Experts online to provide helpful inputs.

Read below where Experts have answered ISA Brown questions.

What can cause a pale, erect comb?

Usually in hens, a pale comb is an indicator of anemia. This is a condition where the chicken loses blood in some manner or is unable to produce sufficient red blood cells. One of the most common ways in which blood is lost is through blood sucking insects/parasites such as mites in the chicken coop or on the bird itself. Most birds succumb to mite problems at some point. To deal with this, inspect the coop and below the wings for signs of mites (1mm red or black bugs). If found, the birds should be dusted with permethrin based dog/cat flea powder. The coop should be scrubbed using a mild detergent. In case mites are not present, it could be another internal problem with the liver or kidneys.

Why have the eyes closed shut with scabs on the outer lid?

Most likely the chicken is suffering from a cutaneous form of avian pox. This is a contagious disease which can spread from one bird to another. Mosquitoes can make it spread faster. The mortality of this condition is low, usually less than two percent. The scabs around the eyes should be removed to enable it to see and eat. This can aid in recovery within 3-5 weeks. In the meantime, it should be isolated once the scabs are removed. The scabs should be disposed of as they contain the infected virus. Using 300mg oxytetracycline (Terramycin) per gallon of drinking water for three days can prevent secondary bacterial infection.

What can cause sudden blindness with a red underbelly?

This chicken could be experiencing sudden blindness due to a condition referred to as Marek’s disease. The reddened area could be a result of self-mutilation because of pain or a result of pecking from other birds. This disease does not affect the egg laying capacity of the ISA Brown chicken. However, it is better to isolate the bird and provide intensive care as the bird needs time to overcome the infection. The bird should be kept warm and well fed (7-8 pieces of dry cat food). Vitamin E supplement along with antibiotics such as Tylan (tylosin) or Gallimycin (erythromycin) is helpful.

Why is the chest swollen on the right side with no other signs of illness?

If the swelling appears on the right side of the lower neck or front chest area, this is a normal phenomenon called the ‘crop.’ This is where the bird's store food before it enters their stomach or gizzard. Generally, food that they eat enters the ‘crop’ briefly before passing into the stomach. If the ISA Brown chickens are eating well, there may not be any cause for concern. However, it would be a good idea to deworm the chicken in case it has not been done in the last six months. After this, a 7-day feed course of Flubenvet (flubendazole) is advisable to ensure worms are removed as some may live in the crop.

What disturbs the egg laying process or influences the shell quality?

Normally, a single stressful or disturbing scenario is sufficient to interfere with the egg laying process and strange eggs may be observed till the process gets synchronized. The factors which influence the shell quality are as follows:

  • disease
  • diet
  • care
  • moulting
  • age of the bird
  • quality of water
  • stress
  • environmental temperature

What does it signify if the ISA Brown chicken is broody and does not leave the nest?

Case Details: The chicken’s comb is less developed, feet are yellow, and feathers are falling out.

Usually, ISA Brown birds are not known to brood. Since it is losing feathers, check the skin underneath to see if it appears normal. If it appears normal, it could have progressed into an early moult. Once this phase is over the chicken may start laying eggs. In the meantime, age appropriate food, fresh, leafy greens should be offered to boost the immunity and improve feather production. You should also check for external parasites.

As seen above, ISA Brown chicken's and their associated problems are easy to deal with when you have the right information and knowledge. There may be many other questions specific to your situation that could be playing on your mind. This is where Experts online can pitch in and help you by providing customized answers. Therefore, to understand more about them and their problems, contact Experts online. They can provide answers and solutions, quickly and economically, from the comfort of your home.

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