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iPod Touch Problems

What is an iPod touch?

The iPod Touch is a very handy and popular device on which one can play music, videos and games. Some models also support email and the iPod Touch can be easily carried around and used at convenience. The device works with a touch screen interface and it can connect through the Internet wirelessly. One can use the iPod Touch to purchase and download content and applications through the iTunes Store or the Apple app store. Being a highly technical device, the iPod Touch can develop hardware or software problems leading to questions on iPod Touch troubleshooting. Listed below are a few questions answered by Experts.

How can one restore an iPod Touch that is locked out and disabled?

One can perform iPod Touch troubleshooting on a device that is locked out and disabled by returning the iPod Touch to its original factory settings after putting it in DFU mode. In order to do so, one would need to connect the iPod Touch to a computer and open the iTunes software. Then hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button on the iPod Touch simultaneously for 10 seconds or till one sees the Apple logo on the device after which one must release the Sleep/Wake button only. A message will appear on the iTunes software shortly stating that it has identified the iPod Touch and it is in recovery or DFU mode. One may need to do this a few times before the device moves into this mode. Once the iPod Touch moves to DFU mode, click the Restore button on the computer and then follow the instructions on iTunes to re-start the iPod Touch. In case this does not work, one can reach out to an Expert who can help repair the device.

What could cause an “old generation” iPod Touch to become hot and shut down?

There could be varied reasons for such iPod Touch problems. One way to address this issue is to charge the iPod Touch using a wall charger for an hour and then restart the device. On re-starting the iPod Touch, one should be able to operate the device. If this does not happen, then it is likely that the charging port, battery or motherboard of the device has been damaged. In that case one would need to replace the damaged iPod Touch part.

How can one trace a lost or stolen iPod Touch?

In order to trace an iPod Touch that has been lost or stolen, the device would need to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. One can then use a service called “Find my iPhone” which works across other Apple devices as well. The service is available on and one would need to log in using the Apple ID for the iPod . On clicking the “Find my iPhone” icon, the service will attempt to track the iPod (providing it has an active internet connection) and will provide a location on a map for the device.

What could cause a recently bought used iPod Touch to stop working properly?

It is possible that the device firmware has been corrupted resulting in such iPod Touch problems. One way to resolve this issue is to restore the used iPod Touch to its original settings, which will also remove all existing data from the device. One would need to press both the Home and Power button on the iPod Touch together for a few seconds while the device is connected to a computer. After releasing only the Power button, the iTunes software on the computer will indicate whether the device is in recovery mode and then one can restore the device to the latest firmware. Once this process is complete, one would need to setup a new iPod Touch by syncing files from the computer through iTunes. After completing this process, if downloading or transfer of files still does not take place there is a possibility of a hardware defect. In such circumstances, it is better to reach out to an Expert who can perform iPod Touch troubleshooting.

There is a wide range of iPod Touch models available with their own unique features. The device can also develop varied problems relating to hardware and software and each issue may need a different solution. In such a scenario, it is preferable to get advice from Experts who can provide the correct iPod Touch information and answer any specific questions that may arise.

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