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iPod Classic Problems

The new millennium ushered a new age of obsolescence. In a day and age where barefoot running is a new fad and the gramophone is making a comeback, the life span of digital products gets lesser by the day. One of the most common digital entertainment products is the iPod Classic. Many feel that the iPod Classic is a great way to listen to music and watch videos. However, at times there are issues that a user may face, some of these issues can be as simple as iPod Classic troubleshooting and may not know where to get help. Read below to see common problems faced by iPod classic users, as answered by Experts.

Are there any problems when a iPod classic user upgrades to iTunes 11?

Many times the new features of iTunes 11 might sync only a part of the library. Here are a few solutions that work: The first approach is to do a ‘basic sync’. After opening iTunes and connecting the iPod, the user should click on his device, as it appears on the screen, select ‘sync music’ and then ‘entire music library’. In case this doesn’t work, the reason could most likely be that the songs that did not sync were no longer on the computer, but on a cloud. In case there is a cloud symbol next to the songs, then that is the correct reason. In which case, one needs to select those songs by a right click in the highlighted area and select ‘Download’. Incidentally, once downloaded, the cloud icon disappears from the selected songs, but the songs still remain on the cloud.

How do we fix the iPod classic issue of it getting ‘hung’ or frozen?

It is not uncommon for an iPod classic to pause at a song, stop playing, freeze and hang. It will not power down or respond to any of the toggle options one tries in a situation like this. One should first check the lock button and ensure it is unlocked by toggling it a few times. Next, the user should press the center button, and the top of the click wheel, together, until the iPod classic resets. If this fails, one could give the same solution a ‘different’ try by connecting the iPod classic to a computer and repeating the above. More often than not, the steps above fix the problem. If the problem still persists, one must consult an Expert, or visit an Apple store.

What should be done if iPod classic does not update and iTunes freezes?

Sometimes, instead of updating, iTunes freezes and the iPod screen displays ‘Do Not Disconnect’. One of the remedies that work is to take these steps: The iPod should be disconnected and switched off. On the computer, two programs should be uninstalled by going to the Control Panel: iTunes and Apple mobile device support. Having done this, and restarted per the standard uninstall process; iTunes should be downloaded and re-installed from . After running the newly installed program once, the computer should be restarted. Now the iPod should be connected. The iPod and iTunes should work as before. If this doesn’t work, one should look for iPod classic troubleshooting, iPod classic help on the Apple site, or simply refer to an Expert.

What can be done if the iTunes library is not connecting with the media files and do not load and play?

In most cases the classic fix could be to reconnect the iTunes to the computer and hit sync. If the iPod does not sync automatically, one could turn to the iPod settings, click on the iPod icon to get a list of tabs and click sync. Once the sync has finished, disconnect and check to see if the media files will play back. If this option does not work, the other option may be to click restore and then go through the set up process again.

What is recommended for iPod classic troubleshooting when the computer suddenly stops recognizing the iPod?

One of the iPod classic issues is the computer not recognizing the device all of a sudden, which means sync can’t happen. The first step would be diagnose the source of disconnect, which is best done by trying to connect the iPod classic to another computer. If that works, the problem is with the user’s computer, in which cases the following steps should work: iTunes, Quicktime, Apple mobile device support and all other Apple components should be uninstalled. To do this, one should go to the Control Panel in the computer, and choose the Add/Remove Programs option. One should wait till the program populates the list. Once the list is populated, one should choose each program and click ‘Remove’ or ‘Uninstall’ (as the case may be) and go through the entire uninstallation process. After the computer restarts, iTunes can be downloaded from here: and re-installed. The other deleted programs, if required, can similarly be downloaded from and re-installed. This works most of the time, if not; the user could refer to an Expert or visitor search for iPod classic help or iPod classic troubleshooting on or iPod Classic as well as other Apple branded technology is today’s technology crave. However, there are times with all electronics and gadgets that things will malfunction and may not work according to plan. Often when this happens, it calls for Expert assistance.
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