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iPhone 5 Problems

The iPhone 5 developed by Apple Inc. is a touchscreen based smart phone. It succeeds the iPhone 4S and is the sixth generation of the iPhone. The demand for the iPhone 5 initially exceeded the supply available and was described by Apple as ‘extraordinary’. However, there have been problems with the phone such as hardware issues, unintended purple hue in photos taken by the iPhone 5, the presence of light leaks on white variants of the device etc. These issues have caused many questions from the iPhone users.

When such issues arise, users may not always know where to look for answers. Read below where Experts have answered questions relating to the iPhone 5 problems.

How to fix an iPhone 5 that displays a black screen, won’t charge and is completely dead?

Hold the power and the home button together for approximately 40 seconds until the white Apple logo is seen. (The Home button is the square button on the front of the phone). After doing this, the device needs to be allowed a minute to reboot. In case the phone does not reboot, the reason could be that the battery is drained. In such a situation, connect the phone to the charger. While doing this, if the battery sign does not come up, both the power and home buttons need to be held again while the phone is connected to the charger.

In a new iPhone 5 iOS 6.0 upgraded to iOS 6.1, what could be the problem if the camera lens does not open and is unable to take pictures and videos?

The first reason for this could be the software upgrade that may have triggered the problem with the lens. This could be restored through Recovery Mode.

In order to do this, the phone needs to be opened and connected to the PC. Next, the Home and Sleep/Wake button needs to be pressed and held at the same time and release after 10 seconds. The Home button needs to be held continuously until a message pops up stating that an iPhone in recovery mode has been detected and the screen will remain black. When the iPhone is in recovery mode, it may be restored by clicking on ‘Restore’ in iTunes. Finally the iPhone may be synced to iTunes in order to restore the media.

The second reason could be that the phone itself is defective. In such a case, the phone needs to be replaced through the carrier as most carriers offer an exchange within 14-30 days of purchase. In many situations a one-time replacement for a defective phone can also be obtained from an Apple store.

In an iPhone 5, in the Calendar app, Alerts section, the alerts become reversed. What could be the reason for this? What could cause the alerts in the Calendar application to become reversed in a iPhone 5?

While multiple alerts can be added to the calendar item, the app does not follow a 1.2.3 sequence but the alerts go in a sequential order. When adding alerts, they could be shown in a different order than they were added. The operating system of the iPhone displays the alerts in random order. However, the alerts would still get executed at the time they were set.

The iPhone 5 Music app plays music but cannot be controlled and does not respond to touch. How to fix an iPhone 5 that does not respond to touch, can’t be controlled but will play music?

In order to resolve this issue, a hard reset could be tried on the iOS device. If this does not resolve the problem, the next step would be to disconnect the iOS device from the cord in case it had been plugged in. The Home and Sleep/Wake button needs to be pressed and held at the same time for approximately 10 seconds. Both the buttons need to be released when the Apple logo appears. The Apple logo should be followed by the home screen a few minutes later. In the event this does not work out, this needs to be plugged in to a power outlet and the same process repeated.

Is there any training available on how to synch music to an iPhone 5?

The first step would be to download content from iTunes. Once downloaded, the iPhone could be synced to devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Next, the iPhone needs to be connected to the computer with iTunes and the media needs to be installed using the USB cable. Displayed on the left pane under devices is the listing of the iPad or iPhone. This needs to be selected and then on the right side will be further options for synchronization. From the listed tabs, different options could be selected: for example- music, movies, albums, artist, playlist or genre. This needs to be done for both devices as this synchronization does not need to be done at all times, unless any tab needs to be added or removed. In the future, the devices only need to be connected to the PC and these will sync any new media within the sync options chosen.

The iPhone 5 was seen by many users as a benchmark for smart phones. Features such as support for LTE, a faster processor etc. have made it a prized possession. However there have been issues with the quality of the phone which could frustrate users. When questions arise turning to an Expert for iPhone 5 troubleshooting help may prove to be useful.
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