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iPhone 5 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your iPhone 5 is simple with the following steps. You can fix several issues without needing to send it to a repair shop and pay the added expense.

The following are common troubleshooting problems and how to fix them.

Battery There are three common problems with the battery

  • Will not charge - This is possible with a bad cable connection. Check your charger and cable for damage or a loose connection. The charging dock could be broken or blocked. Gently, use a toothpick or Q-tip to remove any debris from the charging dock.
  • Will not stay chargedFirst, do a soft reset by pressing and holding the home and power buttons at the same time. The Apple logo should appear on the screen. If the logo does not appear, then the issue is a faulty battery. Replacing the battery might fix this.
  • Gets hotA faulty battery can cause your phone to become unusually hot. Replace the battery immediately to prevent exploding and damage to you or your phone.

Data Here are the most common data issues for the iPhone 5.

  • No Wi-Fi connectionFirst, reboot your wireless modem to ensure it is the modem and not the phone. If that does not fix the connection, then reset the network settings on your phone. Turn your phone on, go to Settings, then General, next push Reset, then push Reset Network Settings. A passcode is required for this reset. If this does not resolve after these steps, then do a soft reset of your phone as described above.
  • Bluetooth - To reset the Bluetooth connection, click Settings, then Bluetooth, then select the I icon. Click the Forget tab. Try resetting the Network Settings if the first option does not work.
  • App issuesUpdating your applications on the iPhone 5 should fix any app issues. If this does not work, then delete the application and re-install; this could delete any information saved within the application. You may want to turn on AUTO update only on Wi-Fi for the future.
  • Improving performanceThe performance of the phone can be affected if several applications are open at once. Try reducing any animated effects, reset to original settings, and close other applications when not in use. You may also perform a Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode update. The DFU mode is used to restore the iOS system software on your phone. To do the update, plug your phone into a computer with the iTunes app installed. Next, press the Power and the Home buttons at the same time. Then the iTunes logo will appear on the screen. You will then need to click on Update. There is a Restore option, which should only be used as a last resort. If possible, back up your phone to your computer first. The Restore option will erase all contents from your phone. The process should take less than 15 minutes. If longer, you will need to repeat the process. Be sure all of your software is updated.

Landscape vs. portraitLandscape on your phone is when the screen rotates. There are times when this will not work correctly. Before resetting the iPhone 5 to fix this problem, you can lock the setting of the landscape mode into portrait. This process enables you to continue recording or taking a photo. Doing a soft reset should reset this setting without deleting the entire contents of your phone.

iMessage - First, turn iMessage OFF and ON a few times to see if that will fix the issue. Secondly, you may try powering your phone OFF and then back ON. A network reset is the last resort for this problem.

Rebooting If the phone is continuously power cycling by itself, try turning the phone OFF completely. Next, turn ON and reset the phone settings.

Keyboard lag To fix a keyboard lag, do a simple reset of your phone.

Audio ErrorsThis includes no audio, distorted speakers, and headphone problems.

  • Speakers and headphonesit is best to try new speakers or headphones to illuminate this issue.
  • Audio jackupon switching headphones or speakers, replacing the headphone jack is the next option.

Problems needing professional repair

  • Before sending your phone to a repair shop with any of the following issues, try a hard or factory reset. For a factory reset, got to the Settings icon, then click General, Reset, and Erase. This process will completely reset and erase all contents on the phone. Make sure to always have a backup for your iPhone 5 information, photos, and contents. Blue screen of death – This means that when powered on, your screen shows a solid blue screen. The phone will reboot continuously. The blue screen is due to a damaged sensor cable or a damaged home button. This screen could also be caused if your phone has recently been repaired.
  • Red screen of death – A solid red screen on your phone when your phone is ON. The phone will reboot continuously. The red screen is caused by a damaged sensor cable or a damaged home button.
  • Touch ID – When the touch ID feature does not work, it is likely caused by damage to the home button.
  • Shattered Screen – Having a shattered screen on the iPhone 5 does not always mean you need to replace it. At times, the screen will continue to work. However, the front glass is fused with the LCD touch screen, and if this feature is not working, it needs to be replaced.
  • Power Button – When the power button is not functioning correctly, plug the phone into a computer to see if it turns on. If not, it will need replaced.
  • Display Screen – When the display screen does not work, listen to see if the sound is working. If the sound works fine, then the LCD screen is broken and needs replaced.

Sending iPhone for service

After troubleshooting every method available, and contacting your iPhone store, sending your phone into the company may be your only option. Depending on whether your phone is still under warranty or not, it may be cheaper to send to a third-party service.


Every iPhone 5 purchased new comes with a limited time warranty. If your phone experiences any issues while you are covered under warranty, take your phone to an Apple store, or set up an appointment to have it sent in. In most cases, the warranty will cover any issues you may have. However, if your phone has been jailbroken, or tampered with in any way, Apple can refuse to service the phone. It is best to refrain from tampering with your iPhone.

Troubleshooting problems yourself is a fast and easy way to fix most issues on the iPhone 5. These answers are not a guaranteed fix. Ask an Expert for more help and instructions to fix your phone. 

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