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Invisalign Problems

Often when individuals are faced with going to their dentist in order to help improve their teeth’s appearance and positioning, there are two options that are available. The individual can either choose to receive metal braces, or Invisalign. When individuals are proposed with these two decisions, many individuals are well aware of what braces are, but what is an Invisalign? Invisalign is a clear, removal tray that is placed in the individual’s mouth in order to help correct any alignment. Invisalign works a lot like braces do, however these aligners are clear and cannot be seen unless taken out. Read below to find questions that have been answered about Invisalign pros and cons.

How much does it cost to get Invisalign and how long should a person wear them?

Typically the cost of Invisalign is about $4,500 to $4,700. As for how long the individual should wear the Invisalign, this will all depend on the individual’s particular case. For many individuals, they only have to wear the Invisalign braces for nine months to a year.

Will Invisalign still fit if a person’s mouth when their gums surround the back part of their molars?

When an individual has placed the Invisalign try in their mouth, the tray cannot move another tooth unless there is a large amount of the tooth coming through the gum. In this case the dentist can apply Orthodontic forces in order to prevent this. In some cases, this is not always an issue, if the tooth does not need to be adjusted, or if the movement of the mouth is sideways, there in many cases there will be enough of the in and outer walls of the individuals tooth where the Invisalign aligner can fit.

Is it possible for Invisalign or braces to change the structure of a thirty two year old person’s face if they were made wrong for the individuals teeth?

In a situation where an individual is concerned that receiving Invisalign treatment, that this can cause an individual’s face to change, but this is not the case. Invisalign cannot change an individual’s face; Invisalign is only used to change the position of an individual’s teeth alignment. Whereas braces will only strictly changes a child or young teenagers face. The only way an adults face can be altered, is if the adult undergoes surgery on the face.

If a person rips their Invisalign how long does it take to get a replacement? And should they wear the ripped one until they can get to the orthodontist?

When an individual has tore their Invisalign try, as to whether or not they should continue to wear this, will all depend on how badly damaged the tray is. If the shape of the try is still formed for the remaining teeth, the tear should not cause any problems to the individual. The Invisalign try should not be worn any longer than to get into their dentists to further evaluate the tear. In the case where the aligner is no longer able to be used, the individual’s dentist will need to provide the individual with a new aligner.

Invisalign can cause an individual many problems or even can be an advantage. Many individuals prefer Invisalign over the traditional metal braces because of the aligners being clear, and more comfortable than the metal ones. However, individual who have chose Invisalign still have problems with their aligners. When dealing with Invisalign problems many individuals are not sure who can answer their questions. Contact the thousands of available Experts for their answers and insight regarding Invisalign.
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