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Investment Fraud Laws

Investment fraud has been all over the news in the last few years, but unless a person understands investments, all of it makes no sense. For example most people do not know what a Ponzi scheme is, and not having that knowledge may end up a victim of investment fraud. Below are question relating to investment fraud that have been answered by Experts.

What is investment fraud?

Investment fraud can also be known as stock fraud or securities fraud. It is the application of a practice that is used to induce investors to make sales decisions or to make purchases based on false information. This usually involves losses. This is all violates the securities laws. This usually involves the stock and commodity markets. Miss-statements on the public company’s financial reports or outright theft from investors are included in securities fraud. Investment fraud encompasses a wide range of other exploitations such as front running, insider trading, and other acts that are illegal that occur on the trading floor of a commodity or stock exchanges. Also included according to the FBI is lying to corporate auditors, stock manipulation schemes, embezzlement by stockbrokers, and placing false information on the financial statements of a company.

What is the definition of a Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is a form of investment fraud that entails the payment of supposed returns to previous investors from the funds that are contributed by new investors. The organizers of Ponzi schemes gather new investors with the promise to invest the funds in little to no risk, high return opportunities. The case in many Ponzi schemes, is that the organizer’s main focus in on gathering new investors with new money to make the payments that were promised to prior stage investors and for their own personal expenses, instead of participating in legitimate investment activity.

How are attorney fees for a investment fraud case based on successful recovery?

Normally firms when handling investment fraud cases, with successful recovery as a contingency, will retain 33.3% of the recovered amount. A firm may want to be paid by the hour, if the case may be particularly risky or the chance of winning is low.

When a victim of investment fraud, is it better to sue separately or to join with a group of people are also suing?

A person who is a victim of investment fraud is, for the most part, better off working by themselves. If there are other individuals that are also suing and get to court faster then, those that got to court first will have the capability to recover their money first . This can leave those that get to court later with a broke debtor unable to pay them any of their money back, even though they may have received a money judgment in court.

What are tips to prevent investment fraud?

There are things a person can do to prevent investment fraud. First do not rely on how a company presents themselves on their website. Repeated references to UCC filing can be used to draw in undereducated investors. A person should also have a company’s prospectus looked over by a professional investment analyst. Check the rate of return if it seems impossibly high, it may be impossible.

Investment fraud has become common in today’s marketplace. With people that want to make money at the expense of others, it will continue to be common place. People need to understand what investment fraud is and how to protect themselves from it.
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