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Inverter Related Questions

Has your inverter stopped working? Do you need to know to replace a bad inverter board? The inverter is an essential component to power the electronic appliances we depend on for our daily use. Thus, when they go bad or don’t work correctly, it can be very annoying. However, some owners may not always have the right solution to repair an inverter issue without seeking outside help. When this happens, consulting an Expert for an advice is strongly recommended. Read below where Experts have answered owner’s questions about various inverter issues.

How to replace the inverter board on a Sony KDL - 40S2000?

  • First, remove the rear of the TV by unbolting the screws and the input jacks to locate the inverter board.
  • Then, disconnect the power supply from the G2 Board (inverter board) and take out the metal shield placed over it.
  • Next, remove the connector to the G2 board along with detaching the other connectors that are plugged in to the individual lamps inside the panel.
  • Then, insert the new inverter board and reconnect the connectors.
  • Finally, reinstall the power supply on the inverter board.

What can cause a Xantrex Freedom 458 inverter with remote to turn off and on intermittently after running for over an hour?

First, verify if the batteries are working fine, as a faulty or shorted one can likely cause this. However, if they turn out to be good, it could be the inverter that will need to be replaced. Additionally, check the power board by tapping on the inverter case as it can sometimes fix the issue. Verify the connections for looseness as well.

What causes a Panasonic nnsd986S microwave oven inverter to start and shut down?

A faulty magnetron and a defective inverter board can cause this to happen. The best recourse is to replace both these components.

What could cause the overload light to appear on an EM5000 Honda inverter soon after it starts?

Case details: Nothing is connected to the inverter and the engine shuts down when the light appears. However, the engine runs if the inverter is unplugged. 

This could be from an internal problem in the inverter that is causing an overload condition. First, inspect the four fuses and the circuit breakers inside the inverter for continuity. Then, verify if all the white plastic wire connectors to the main control board and the inverter unit are working fine. If so, disconnect them and reseat the board modules. Finally, check the wiring and the board modules for any signs of burned connections or components and repair as necessary. If the problem still persists, the best option would be to replace the inverter.

How to replace the inverter on a laptop’s LCD for the HP Pavilion dv4-2165dx?

  • First, disconnect the laptop and take out the battery pack along with the laptop AC adaptor.
  • Then, find the rubber screw covers around the laptop screen.
  • Then, take off the screw covers and make sure not to lose them as they pop out once they are pulled off.
  • After this, remove the front bezel from around the LCD screen to locate the screen assembly.
  • Next, take out the inverter from the screen assembly by unbolting the screen from its metal holder. Another option could be to pull out on the screen and expose the inverter to remove it.
  • Then, unplug the wires from the inverter. One runs towards the backlight while the other wire connects to the video card.
  • Next, look for the part number of the LCD inverter for replacement on its back.
  • Then, reconnect the backlight and the video card wire to the inverter and have it properly secured using a tape.
  • Then, position the screen back in place and reinstall the front bezel.
  • Finally, bolt the bezel screws back in and place the covers.

What could cause an "Inverter and Generator Control Unit Communication Error"?

This could be caused by a defective generator control unit (GCU), a faulty inverter or an unclean connection to both of these components. First, check the connections between the GCU and the inverter and repair as needed. If the connections check out all good, verify the inverter and replace it, if found bad. Otherwise, replace the GCU. Additionally, clean and check the generator prior to starting it, as a dirty one can cause severe damage to the component itself.

How to fix one of the two LCD inverter board’s on a Sceptre X42BV?

First, remove the boards from the TV and check for signs of visual damage. Then, verify if the tubular fuses on the backlight inverter board are open. If so, the backlight board could be defective and should be repaired. If not, throw a bright light on the TV screen in a dark room and try to see the image of a picture with the sound on. If there is no picture, it could point to a bad inverter board. However, if both these boards check out good, it might indicate a faulty panel that will need to be replaced to fix the issue.

There could be several various reasons to a particular inverter problem. Troubleshooting and identifying the exact cause is usually the best way to fix it. However, if enough knowledge and skill is not available to do on your own, contacting a verified Expert can serve as the best possible alternative. They will not only solve your problem from the comfort of your home but also help to hold off on an expensive repair.

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