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Invention Patent Process

What is an invention patent?

An invention patent is an exclusive right to the benefits of an invention. Invention patents are granted by the U.S. Patent Office, for a specific period of time. The invention must be original, must not have been described in a publication, non-obvious, and must be of use.

What are the first steps to getting an invention patent?

An individual will first need to do a patent search. This will determine if the patent you are seeking has already been patented. Essentially the individual will need to check via the search if there are any similar invention patents. The individual will want to use a local reputable patent attorney. Be aware internet companies offering to help patent your invention. Many are scams that end up costing a lot of money. In some cases these companies even steal the invention idea. Once the patent search is complete, the next step would be filing the patent application with detailed drawings and explanations to show your invention is unique.

How does an individual get an invention patent with just spec drawings for the invention?

The individual will first need to hire a patent lawyer or patent agent. Having the drawings will help make the process move quickly. The drawings and explanations will play a big part in the process of writing the application by the patent lawyer/agent. The individual should work closely with the patent lawyer/agent to make sure your idea is fully understood. This patent lawyer/agent will help with the invention disclosure. This is a very detailed explanation that ultimately when read should allow everyone to fully understand your accomplishment. They will also write up the application and submit it to the patent office. Typically the process takes two to three years and could also cost a couple thousand dollars in fees and lawyer time.

Can filings for an invention patent affect an individual’s social security disability benefits?

Simply filing for the invention patent only will not affect social security disability benefits. However if an income can be made off the patent then it could affect the social security at that point.

SSA considers an individual’s age, medical condition, education, past work experience and transferable skills. An individual who cannot adjust to other work likely would be approved for benefits and if the individual can adjust to other work benefits may be denied. Depending on the facts of the matter, filing for an invention patent could indicate an ability to adjust to other types of work. If however, an individual has very little to do with filing the invention patent because they hired an attorney to handle it, then most likely it will not affect any benefits.

Can a concept of a product be patented or does the invention patent need to be for a tangible product?

The concept of idea of a product cannot be patented only a tangible item can be. An application for a conditional patent can be filed. The application must be completed within twelve months. There is no extension and reapplication for the product can never be made again.

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