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International Adoption

International adoption is just one of many types of adoption. Depending upon the parent’s preference will greatly determine where they choose to search abroad for their adoption. There are many rules and restrictions that parents need to be aware of when adopting through international channels. Many parents seek the insight from Experts to receive information on a wide range of topics concerning international adoption. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions.

I would like to know about finalizing an international adoption.

With the difficult and sometimes misunderstood legalities of adoption, it is best to seek the help of an adoption attorney. By doing so will lessen the chances of making crucial mistakes which could hamper or ruin a person’s chances at adoption. Hiring an adoption attorney to oversee the adoption would be advisable.

Can a mother and adopted son from Russia dissolve an adoption?

Not all adoptions work out. For every case, there is a reason. The level of difficulty will depend on each situation. International adoptions can become very difficult due to the birth parents not living in the same country as the adopted child. It is best to contact the agency which helped with the adoption and make a PINS petition.

How can a person get an adopted Russian child’s U.S. birth certificate in order to get his citizenship? The parents have been denied even though the adoption was a legal adoption through a U.S. adoption agency.

Due to the variance in state laws, it is best that a person seek the help of an adoption attorney with issues such as this. It can be very frustrating for a parent to deal with when they are not such which direction to take. Experts can provide sound insight on how to approach the situation and who to contact.

Can someone living in the U.S. gain legal guardianship of his niece living in Kenya?

There are times when families wish to help relatives who live abroad. Depending upon the situation will determine the route in which to take. If the family member is a minor, the option to adopt is the most common avenue to take. There is also the option of a student visa. The child can study in the U.S. in a private school which is paid by the sponsor.

If a U.S. citizen wants to adopt her nephew from Iran, what steps must be taken? The mother died and the biological father is willing to grant permission for the adoption in writing.

To adopt a child from Iran, you must meet the requirements of the U.S. and Iran. Once the requirements by the U.S. have been met, the adoptive couple must travel to Iran and be present for fingerprinting and physical exams to meet the health requirements of that country. Also, you must be married for at least 5 years with no children, at least 30 years old, have no criminal history and the couple must be Muslim.
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