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Insurance Fraud Questions

Insurance fraud can be of many types. Car insurance, life insurance, health insurance and medical insurance fraud are just a few. Read below five of most commonly asked insurance fraud questions that have been answered by Experts.

What is the statue of limitations in Virginia on insurance fraud on a navy life insurance policy?

The statute of limitations for a fraud cause of action starts to run at the time that you discovered, or should have discovered the fraud. The statute of limitations for fraud arising under federal law is three years. In Virginia, under state law, it is two years. Even though the statute of limitations may have passed, check with SGLI or VGLI website to see if you were a beneficiary and may have a claim still pending that can be claimed.

Is it insurance fraud if someone accidentally damaged their vehicle then claimed it to be vandalism on an insurance claim and if so how long could they be prosecuted after doing so?

Under Texas law, Insurance fraud is an intentional deception committed by applicants, policyholders, claimants, providers, agents and company employees. In this case yes, it would be insurance fraud, since you knowingly reported it as vandalism and it was not in fact vandalism. If a fraud investigation occurred, you would then have to prove that any wrong doing on your claim was not intentional. Insurance fraud is often punished as a felony and could face over a year jail sentence.

Can someone be indicted for insurance fraud if most of the evidence is hearsay from a witness?

This will vary depending on each specific situation, however, a lot of evidence that seems like it is hearsay to a layman is actually not hearsay, and a lot of evidence that actually is hearsay is still admissible under various exceptions in the rules of evidence. If you have an attorney, your attorney can always make a motion before the trial to exclude evidence that is hearsay, and if the evidence is excluded, the State may not be able to proceed.

If someone witnessed insurance fraud in Alabama, can someone report anonymously and will everyone involved be prosecuted?

In most instances an anonymous call to the police with details of what was seen, can start an investigation. This same "tip" could also be anonymously given to the insurance company as well. Yes, everyone involved could be prosecuted to some degree. In Alabama, insurance fraud is a felony and punishable as such.

Is it insurance fraud when an dentist office offers an x-ray service only because insurance will pay for more frequent x-rays even if the patient is not needing x-rays at this specific visit?

If it can be shown that the x-rays are unnecessary treatment, then it could indeed be considered insurance fraud, but of course the doctor will come up with some medically necessary excuse for the yearly x-rays and most times it will require a full investigation by the dental board or department of health to prove that this is indeed fraud.

Medical insurance fraud seems to be one of the highest fraud related crimes. If you feel that you are a victim of insurance fraud, or you have questions regarding other types of insurance fraud, feel free to ask an Expert for legal insights based on an evaluation of your case details.
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