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Questions about Inheritance Laws

Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, titles, debts, rights and obligations upon the death of an individual. Many times inheritance is documented in a will and passed on after death to the heir. There are many inheritance laws in the USA that can lead to legal questions. Below are five of the top inheritance law questions that have been answered by Estate Lawyers on JustAnswer.

In Missouri can the spouse of the deceased ignore the will and refuse to divide the inheritance between the children?

Missouri has an intestate succession law where the children could inherit under that law. Inheritance laws can often be complex if you do not fully understand them. That is where Estate Lawyers on JustAnswer can help. Estate Lawyers offer knowledgeable answers to the toughest inheritance law questions covering all states.

Do adopted kids share the same inheritance in Texas?

Normally, the inheritance law in Texas allows adopted children to be treated the same way as non-adopted children. However, following the death of the adoptive parent the adopted child does not automatically receive any inheritance unless it is written in the will.

Can a spouse of the deceased receive any of the inheritance if they were married in a different state?

At the time of the death of the spouse, if the couple was married and if there was a will in place, then that would normally determine the inheritance. One of the other stipulations is children. If there are children, the inheritance may be split among them. If there are no children, then the inheritance could solely be received by the living spouse regardless of the state they were married in.

When was the forced inheritance law changed in Louisiana?

On October 21, 1995 the forced inheritance law was approved by the Louisiana voters.

Is a widow entitled to any inheritance in the state of Mississippi?

The spouse in normally the first to receive the inheritance. If there are any living children, the children will receive the inheritance first. If there is a will involved then the inheritance will be divided according to how the will is written out. Many states have inheritance taxes or death duties, under which a portion of any estate goes to the government. Inheritance laws can also be confusing because many states have different inheritance laws. Estate Lawyers on JustAnswer can help answer any question you may have regarding inheritance laws.
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