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Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown hairs occur when a hair curls back into the skin instead of growing outward. This generally occurs in people who have natural curly hair or with people who often shave. However, an ingrown hair may appear without the aid of shaving where friction occurs. To learn more about ingrown hair treatment, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

Can chronic ingrown hairs on the face be treated with Salicylic acid?

Many times ingrown hairs appear in the beard area, known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. Pseudofolliculitis barbae is the medical term for shaving bumps which are an inflammatory reaction. Usually salicylic acid wouldn't be used to treat the issue as it could cause more issues to the thin skin on the face. A moisturizing cream may be used to help with any possible dryness if the acid has been used. Once the dryness has cleared use a combination cream of the following: tretinoin 0.05%, fluocinolone acetonide 0.01%, and hydroquinone 4%. This combination is generally applied to the affected area for 15 days. Once the 15 days has ended many people apply Retin-A Cream 0.05-0.1% to the affected area at night.

If the area becomes infected, a topical antibiotic and/or oral antibiotics may be required. The following are ways to prevent ingrown hairs:
1. Avoid products that contain alcohol, fragrances, and oil. This may prevent dryness and clogged pores.
2. Try using shaving powders versus shaving creams that generally have the above mentioned additives.
3. Avoid using multi- blade razors. A single blade razor is less likely to create a close shave which may set the stage for an ingrown hair.
4. Allow the facial hair to grow. Once the hair has reached a certain length, the hair usually cannot become ingrown.
5. Avoid shaving daily. By shaving every other day, the irritation will improve.
6. Apply a hot wet washcloth or towel to the face for 5 minutes prior to shaving.
7. If none of the options above help, many people try electrolysis or laser removal of the facial hair.

How does someone remove an ingrown hair on a stomach?

Many times a person will try to remove an ingrown hair which may cause a condition known as Pseudofolliculitis. This condition occurs after repeated attempts to remove an ingrown hair and the bump becomes irritated and the hair is no longer present. If it is not possible to immediately seek medical treatment, follow these home remedy options:

1. Avoid shaving and allow the hair to grow until the irritation stops. However, if the person has to shave the affected area, it may be best to shave with the grain of the hair growth. Shaving gels tend to be better than foams for ingrown hair areas. There are specific razors that may be used such as bump fighter by viz razors, the Foil Guard shaver, and PFB razors. Another option may be to use an electric razor.

2. Many people choose to use a medicated soap while bathing such as Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar or Dial liquid soaps.

3. Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% gel may be applied to the affected area for 3-4 weeks.

What can help with ingrown hairs in the pubic region?

For ingrown pubic hairs try the following:
1. Dab the bumps with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel 2 times per day for 2-3 weeks or until the bumps begin to flatten.
2. Use a medicated soap on the affected area daily, such as Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle cleansing soap or Dial liquid soap.
3. Avoid shaving or waxing the genital area for a few weeks. Once shaving has been resumed, shave with the hair growth instead of against it.
4. Use a razor specially designed for ingrown hair issues or use an electric razor.

How does someone remove an ingrown hair on the penis?

Many people apply warm moist cloths to the area for up to 10 minutes which may soften the affected area. Following the warm pack a brush or towel may be used to gently rub the ingrown hair to assist in loosening the hair. Once this has been done, a sterilized needle may be used to lift the hair. The skin should never be pricked by a needle as this could cause an infection. This procedure may be done twice a day for a week. If there is no improvement, visit a doctor.

Ingrown hairs are not only uncomfortable but they are also very unattractive. If left untreated an ingrown hair may become infected and create a more uncomfortable situation. If a person has questions or concerns regarding ingrown hair treatment, ask an Expert for medical insight and suggestions.
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