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What is informal probation?

Informal probation is when an individual may not be required to meet a probation officer. One is not obligated to stay within a county, state or country during this period. If they violate another law during this term, the informal probation could be revoked and they could be punished by court for probation violation as a separate offence. Drug and alcohol testing may be done during this time also. Read below for information which could be helpful to your specific case.

Would it be considered probation violation if one is caught with less than one ounce of marijuana?

It would be considered violation of probation in most parts of the United States for any amount of marijuana. The only exception would be if individual has the required medical license to do so.

In the state of Pennsylvania, can an individual’s gun rights restored after one year with no violations?

If an individual pleads guilty in a misdemeanor crime or was found guilty of a crime punishable by more than one year, the individual may not be able to have their gun rights restored. However, if the charges do not carry potential sentence of more than a year, then they may have their gun rights restored. The individual may contact the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Service) unit that would do a background check. They may also need certified copies of court dispositions for all the criminal cases and proof that they have completed the sentence. The whole process may take between three and six months.

Will late payments to the court be considered a violation?

In many situations, the court can revoke the probation and order the person to be jailed for failing to pay court costs and or fines. However, many times this can be avoided as long as one is able to prove to the judge they have either already paid the court or plans to pay the court on time in the future. Or, let the judge know of one’s lack of funds and request for a new payment plan.

Can one still join the military?

It is likely a person may be allowed to join the military while on probation, but may need a waiver. The individual could also seek an early termination of the probation from the court.

Can a formal probation be changed to an informal probation?

This is possible. The request may be filed in the same state in which the individual pled guilty. A legal type form should be used: put the state and name on the left and the case number and request for the motion on the right. Below, state your request and why. Once this is done, the individual can sign the form and file it in court with a copy sent to the prosecutor.

Though informal probation may not be as strict as formal probation and may not require the individual to report to the probation officer regularly, there are many rules that need to be followed. Failure to do so could lead to punishment for violation. It is important for people who are serving this to know what it is, what the rules and what the consequences are. For questions to your specific case, consult with a legal Expert online for fast, reliable answers. 

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