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Tooth Infection Treatment

Tooth infection treatments vary from one dentist to another, however, almost all dentists agree that infected teeth which are also known as abscessed teeth, generally result from tooth decay, cracked enamel, or from infected tissue. These tooth infections should be treated quickly, in order to prevent further damage. Below some of the most commonly asked questions about Tooth infection treatments are answered by Experts.

Is it possible to develop a tooth infection after a tooth is filled? Could a tooth infection cause pressure and pain in a person’s cheek and ear?

In some cases, if the individual has a deep cavity, this could mean that the infection has already affected the tooth nerve before the filling was even performed. However, some sensitivity after a filling is expected for a week or two. However, if it doesn’t improve or another symptom like swelling develops, then a dental visit could be needed. The pressure and pain could be related to a sinus problem if it is one of the teeth on the top side of the mouth. Typically, a week or two to heal should take care of the pain, however, if the sensitivity persists, a referral to an endodontist or a pain management specialist would be recommended.

Can Bactrim be used for a tooth infection?

In many cases, Bactrim would be used for other types of infections such as urinary tract infections; however, Bactrim is not used for dental infections. Therefore, an evaluation by a dentist would be suggested for any dental infections, in order to determine a more appropriate cure for the tooth infection.

Can a tooth infection in a forty two year old individual spread to their brain causing headache, blurry vision, and pressure around the sinuses?

Most generally tooth infections rarely get so bad that they would affect the brain, because the natural path for a tooth infection is to drain either into the mouth, or into the facial spaces in the neck. Therefore, in rare occurrences that a tooth infection will reach the brain it would have to enter through the bloodstream, and most likely would have been around a long time accompanied by fever, sickness, etc. As for the headaches, they can be caused by tooth infections, and are usually located around the sides of the head in the temple area. Also, this could be caused by problems with an individual’s bite being slightly off, causing the jaws to not hit together evenly. A trip to a dentist would be recommended to treat the infected tooth. As for the vision problem, when a person reaches forty, sometimes their vision can change; causing the need for some store bought reading glasses or a trip to an optometrist.

Can Macrobid antibiotics (Nitrofurantoin), be prescribed for a tooth infection?

Typically Nitrofurantoin is an antibiotic that is used entirely for urinary tract infections due to the fact that it consists anti bacterial concentrations in the urinary tract only. For dental infections, Penicillin (Amoxicillin) is preferred, most often requiring 500 milligrams twice daily for five days. In the individual is experiencing pain because of the tooth infection, the individual can take Ibuprofen for three days. It is recommended that the individual maintain healthy oral hygiene for the infected tooth.

Would a tooth infection, that has been ignored for about a year, and is scheduled for a root canal procedure in two weeks, have a chance to spread to the brain and become fatal?

In most cases this is very unlikely to happen, but still could. The infection would have to be very serious in order to go through the individual’s sinuses into their brain. Antibiotics should be taken until the root canal procedure in order to reduce infection before the surgery is performed.

The goals of Tooth infection treatments most commonly are to eliminate the tooth infection, preserve the tooth, and minimize complications. The treatments vary, depending on the cause, and the amount of treatment a patient is willing to pay for. In some cases the easiest treatment is to perform a dental extraction, another way is a root canal procedure, however, if the cause of the tooth infection is from the gums then periodontal treatment would be recommended by most dentists. The subject of Tooth infection treatments brings to light many questions, and who better to make inquiries into these questions than the Experts.
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