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Infantry Related Questions

What is Infantry?

Infantry is a group of soldiers that are trained for fighting while on their feet and engage in face to face combat. People are often unaware of some of the issues dealing with the Infantry and joining the Infantry.

Infantry questions are some of the most asked Military question online. Hiring someone to ask specific questions can be very pricey and time consuming especially if you are not sure of what or who to ask. People can seek help from Experts to get their Infantry related questions answered. Read below where some of the most common Infantry questions have been answered by the Experts.

What option does a person have on getting out of the Military if he/she has already finished boot camp?

Getting out of the Military early is not an easy task. The government has spends a lot of money on training an individual and they are more than hesitant on letting the person go early until they at least get a return on their investment. The only realistic way a person can "get out" early is to receive an administrative discharge. There are two way of being separated from the Military, voluntary and involuntary. If someone is fact wanting out of the Infantry they would want voluntary if at all possible for the simple fact that it would be much easier to find employment and it wouldn't affect veteran’s benefits. Examples of reasons for a voluntary discharge are hardship, conscientious objector and to further one education. It is the Commanding Officer’s decision whether or not to grant a discharge.

Is it acceptable for someone that is an Infantryman in the Army on active duty to be in a relationship with someone that is in the Military but not on active duty, in the same unit or in the persons direct chain of command?

Since the two people are in different units and neither person is in the others chain of command and neither is an officer in the Military there would be no violation unless both people are called to active duty, placed in the same battalion or regiment then there could be violations.

What would happen to a Marine's benefits if the Infantry marine gets injured while in service and may cause him/her to be discharged early?

If someone is discharged because of an injury that has occurred in the Military they would rate full VA benefits and the GI Bill. Also, the marine may be retired for medical reasons and would draw pension from the Marines.

What would the consequences be if someone that is in the Infantry for the Army told a lie about having a injury that does not exist?

In most occurrences the punishment for lying about a falsified injury while in the Army would be being separated under Chapter 5 and the person would be given a general discharge. It is also possible that the Military could try and prosecute the person for fraudulent enlistment. Another thing the Army could do is give the person what is known as an “Other than Honorable Discharge”.

Can a person that once was a felon and is now in the US Army Infantry purchase a firearm outside of the Military?

If any person has ever been convicted of any crime and was imprisoned for a length of time more than one year regardless of it’s a felony or not they wouldn't be permitted to purchase a firearm in any location. If the person that has been imprisoned for one year or more is found with a firearm they would federally convicted for felony gun possession and would be facing up to 10 years in federal prison.

Infantry soldiers are individuals that are specifically trained in the art of face to face combat. The Infantry Officers are responsible for leading an Infantry during on land combat. When faced with Infantry complications many people don’t know who or what to ask their questions to concerning Army Infantry or Marine Infantry. If you have questions concerning Military Infantry or other topics related to joining the Infantry you could fast get and affordable legal insights from the Experts.
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