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Individual Tax Topics Questions

An Individual Tax is a tax levied on the income of an individual, while various income tax systems exist, with varying degrees of incidence. Income taxation can be progressive, proportional, or regressive. Individual income taxes most generally tax the total income of the individual, while permitting some deductions. Below are some of the individual tax topics questions that people have asked Experts about.

How should a couple file that is planning to get divorced, so falsely reported income doesn’t affect one spouse.

In most cases the spouse could file as married filing separately, and should not report the income that the other party lied and attributed to them. Also, the individual should not sign any joint return that is prepared. This will keep the spouse from being liable for anything the other party reports, and it will make it so that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will reject anything that the other party prepares other than a married filing separate return reporting their own income.

How should a company figure out the state tax rates to deduct the appropriate tax rate from their employees’ wages?

Typically, the best way to determine the exact tax rate the company would have to go through each individual state tax website. Going to the following website could be a good place to start. Also, the company might want to use one of the payroll software CDs available on the market, in order to simplify their payroll transactions.

What expenses can be deducted to offset rental income and what tax form is this reported on?

Most generally, rental income and expenses are reported on schedule E of a person’s personal tax return. Expenses may include any mortgage interest that is paid, property taxes, property insurance, any utilities provided by the landlord, costs for advertising the property for rent, legal fees, property management fees, minor repairs, mileage expenses, and depreciation expense. The combination of all of these deductions would offset any income reported on the individual’s tax return.

What is the individual tax deduction for a 67-year-old, and is this a standard deduction?

In most cases for a single person that is 67 years old, their standard deduction would be $7,100. Therefore, unless their itemized deductions are greater than this amount it would not benefit them to itemize. However, no matter what the individual chooses they may still deduct $3,650 for a personal exemption.

How could a person find out how much Social Security paid them last year?

Go to this link and follow the on screen instructions:

Individual income taxes are often collected on a pay-as-you-earn basis, with corrections made after the end of the tax year. These corrections take on one of two forms: payments to the government by a taxpayer that did not pay enough during the tax year, and tax refunds from the government to those who overpaid. This subject often opens the door for many questions, and who better to get insight from regarding Individual Tax questions than the Experts.

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